Ongoing projects in Punjab totaling Rs28 billion: minister

Ongoing projects in Punjab totaling Rs28 billion: minister

TAXILA: According to Punjab’s acting health minister, Dr. Jamal Nasir, the province’s 28 billion rupees worth of health-related development projects are being finished quickly, which will enhance patient care.

During his unexpected visit to the Government Asfandyar Bukhari District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Attock, he shared these opinions with journalists.

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On this occasion, Assistant Commissioner Shagufta Jabeen, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Waqas Aslam Marth, Chief Executive (District Health Authority), Dr. Asad Ismail, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jawwad Ellahi, and other pertinent officers were also present.

In addition to talking to patients and their carers and getting their opinions on the quality of the facilities and medications, he also assessed the healthcare system while on site.

In order to provide the community with better quality healthcare services, he said, efforts are being made to further reform and strengthen important aspects of Punjab’s healthcare system. He also added that the system would be made more efficient and effective in terms of service delivery and that it should be easily accessible, reasonably priced, and sustainable.

He said that the introduction of specialties in hospitals will result in the elimination of millions of rupees in ambulance service costs. The minister claimed that Punjab hospitals now have 300 ultrasound machines, 200 ambulances, and 30 x-ray equipment, all of which will enhance care.

Only regular and contract doctors will be permitted to conduct medico-legal certificates (MLC) in medical facilities, according to the ministry.

The Punjab Forensic Science Agency will arrange the medical training in this regard. He claimed that orders had already been given for hospitals to install biological equipment and make it operational.

He added that “health teams have been created to check all the health facilities” and that the transparent hiring of doctors on an as-needed basis necessitated the creation of a flawless system.

If all processes were completed, he added that 100 positions in the Punjab AIDS Control Program would soon be filled. To improve this industry, Dr. Nasir stated that paramedic training programmes will soon be introduced in all Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospitals.

He added that trips to government treatment centres will continue and that the availability of medical facilities would also be evaluated. He said that efforts are being made to ensure that insulin and other necessary pharmaceuticals are available in government hospitals.

Later, he went to a flour sale location and looked over the plans for the city’s flour sales.

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