Rawalpindi Commissioner demands 100% land revenue record digitalization

Rawalpindi Commissioner demands 100% land revenue record digitalization

According to news stories from March 26, Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha ordered the officials to guarantee that all land revenue records in the division are fully digital before the review meeting set for the following week.

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All assistant commissioners received instructions from the commissioner to finish the manual mozah collection. He added that the goal of land revenue reforms is to avoid needless red tape at the government level and to offer quick fixes for issues relating to land.

To this end, orders have been given to all the districts in the Rawalpindi division, including Rawalpindi, Attock, Talagang, Chakwal, Jhelum, and Murree, to meet the revenue reform targets as quickly as feasible and make sure that all favourable effects benefit the general populace.

The temporary mutation should be finished by March 31 and the Block Khewats should be unblocked, according to Commissioner Chatta. Also, he instructed deputy commissioners to go to sub-registrars’ offices to make sure that they are open to the public and that their business is run fairly.

A target of 702 Dehi Markaz Malls have been established for the division, out of which 686 have been finished and operationalized, according to Additional Commissioner Revenue, who briefed the group on how each district was doing with respect to the five revenue reform objectives.

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