The remaining work on Margalla Road is to be finished by FWO

The remaining work on Margalla Road is to be finished by FWO

Islamabad: According to a news source on March 29, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Engineering Branch has directed the Frontier Work Organization (FWO) to finish the last of the work on Margalla Road.

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According to the news source, CDA requested that FWO, the construction company responsible for building Margalla Road from GT Road to D-12, put road signs and cat eyes and finish some asphalt work on Margalla Road. The civic organization has asked the contractor to finish lane marking, signs, and road construction as well as enhance the condition of the mentioned route.

Also, the city managers have instructed FWO to finish the construction of the approach roads for the Shah Allah Ditta Underpass, retaining walls, drainage work, drain cleaning, and tourist and historical signs. The 10.4-kilometer Margalla Road project, which runs from GT Road to D-12, was completed two months ago, and this is important to highlight. The road’s fencing, however, has not yet been begun.

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