Blue World City Sports Valley Block

Blue World City Sports Valley Block

Blue World City Sports Valley is the latest addition to the Blue World City outclass housing venture. Moreover, the housing scheme always aims to mesmerize investors with the best living experiences. Furthermore,  Blue World City Sports Valley is an attraction for all investors keen on sports and other recreational activities as the block will offer world-class recreational facilities. The developers are building this residential venture with the support and Chinese developers and experts. Moreover, the initial price ranges indicate that the investment here is an easy option for all investors. Most importantly, the instalment plan is like a cherry on the cake that allows prospective residents to make a long-term investment opportunity. Lastly, keep reading about this newly launched block details.

The Blue World City sports valley offers several perks and privileges to all investors. And the vital aspect is their payment plan that motivates the investors to invest here. Moreover, further specifications are available according to the initial information.

Blue World City Sports Valley Location

The site of Blue World City Sports Valley is the most appealing aspect that attracts the majority of investors. Moreover, the developers are also trying to make it a feasible investment option for the residents of the twin cities. Furthermore, according to the latest information, the site will be close to Defence Road. Most importantly, the accessibility of this housing venture is also high, particularly on this block. It is near Rawalpindi Ring Road, CPEC Route, M2-Motorway, and New Islamabad International Airport. Lastly, these sites make this site a more investment-friendly option for all investors.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block location

Payment Plan

Blue World City Sports Valley Block prices are another attractive factor for investing among all investors. Moreover, the developers keep the affordability factor in mind, like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, the block has several properties, including 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. And they will be available at the lowest rates with an easy instalment plan. Lastly, further specification of the prices is available in the table.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block payment planPlots Sizes

The Blue World City Sports Valley is an addition that will not only add modernity but also a luxury to all the investor’s life. Moreover, there are multiple properties available on the block that will meet the living requirements of the investors. Most importantly, the plot sizes will also help in decision-making for making a dream place to live. Furthermore, the developers are also trying to make a variety where prospective residents can meet their preferences and needs. Lastly, the property sizes available there will be:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Blue World City Sports Valley Features

According to the latest development and information, the Blue World City Sports Valley block is available with some spectacular features, like in 7 Wonders City Islamabad. Some of their significant features are mentioned below:

Blue World City Sports Valley Block features

Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium

The developers claim to make Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium in this housing venture. Moreover, this fascinating aspect will be available to the residents and the country’s citizens. Furthermore, the residents’ living experience will become blissful and luxurious for all prospective residents. Lastly, we know that cricket is a sport everyone in the country loves. Therefore, the investment here yields high-quality living standards.

Villaggio Mall

The other Blue World City Sports Valley spectacular feature is the Villaggio Mall. Moreover, the high-quality infrastructure is the forte of the developers. And this mall will be the best example of delivering the best and world-class infrastructure to all residents. Lastly,  the mall will have different investment opportunities to help the residents get a high-end lifestyle.

Torch Hotel

The developers are also making a marvellous torch hotel to add beauty to this new block of blue world city Islamabad. Moreover, their primary concern is offering the best lifestyle and a high-end living experience for all prospective residents. Furthermore, the high-quality infrastructure always attracts investors to make a valuable long-term investment.

Blue Mosque Replica

The block is close to Blue Mosque Replica, the most attractive feature of the Blue World City Islamabad. Moreover, the Mosque is mandatory and of utmost importance for all Muslim communities. Therefore, to enhance the serenity just like Waterfront Block and also to help the prospective residents fulfil their religious goals, there will be Blue Mosque Replica in the community.

Commercial Hub

The Blue World City Sports Valley is willing to make the residents financially independent. And for that, the block offers commercial investment opportunities to all investors at highly affordable rates. Moreover, as the developers are always keen to provide everyone with the best possible living conditions, the commercial area is here to prove the point. Most importantly, several plot sizes will be available with the affordability factor in check. Therefore, creating this block is a profitable real estate investment.

Open Air Gymnasium

The open-air gym will be available in the community with the plan to increase the quality of life of all investors. Moreover, future residents can achieve their fitness goals by being part of the community. This facility is available for all residents with the best possible facilities. Furthermore, it ensures that all investors have quality time and healthy living experiences with their loved ones.

Hockey Field

The Block’s hockey fields will help the residents a secure and high-quality space to play their favourite sport. Moreover, we all know that hockey is our national sport, and most citizens look for the best hockey fields to meet their dream sports goals. So, this block has all the facilities one can ask for to attain next-level living standards. Therefore, it will create an outstanding real estate investment.

Recreational Parks

There will be recreational parks in the community that will help the residents create a daily routine and habit of exercise. Moreover, the investors will have a blissful and most close to natural living experience in the community. Therefore, the investment here will help attain fitness-friendly and high-end living goals.


The Blue World City Sports Valley is the new addition to the Blue World City Islamabad. Moreover, they are not stopping to outclass and mesmerize the investors in making sustainable residential investments. Furthermore, the site and the community’s features will add the best possible living goals to all prospective residents’ lives. Most importantly, the investment is highly inexpensive, motivating investors to invest here easily. So, without a doubt, it is the top-notch residential investment in the country. Lastly, guidance is what matters before making long-term investments. And Estate Land Marketing is here with the best investment advice. So, connect with them and get yourself a valuable asset.

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