LDA One Window Cell Citizens Struggle Due to Agent Mafia

LDA One Window Cell Citizens Struggle Due to Agent Mafia

Lahore: LDA one single Window Cell According to official news reports, Agent Mafia has made life difficult for the populace. One-Window Cell (OWC) of LDA is accused of failing to prevent the entrance of agent mafia. According to the news source, the agent mafia extorts money from unsuspecting citizens on a daily basis. Lahore Development Authority (LDA) officials intend to implement an appropriate appointment system to better serve the public.

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Despite being officially outlawed, the agent mafia continues to operate in the OW Cell alongside property traffickers, officials, and LDA officers who are frequently spotted with a variety of clients. Applicants have reported staff tossing away valuable files and misplacing citizens’ valuable files for no apparent reason.

While LDA officials have been unable to halt the activities of the agent syndicate, they have established a separate/special counter for senior citizens. Senior management of the LDA is prohibited from entering, but the organisation continues to operate. They charge for their services and application submissions. Officials of the LDA have pledged to take severe action against the agent mafia.

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