Park View City Commercial Complete Guide 2023

Park View City Commercial Complete Guide 2023

Getting pertinent Park View City commercial information and guidance is extremely important. It is so because it allows the investors to make good investments and, thus, secure their future. In addition, it shall also be noted that all the investment options available at Park View City Islamabad are exceptionally great and impeccable, allowing the general masses to have more opportunities. That is precisely why the assurance between the developers of the society and the investors is simply the finest.

Well, talking about the Park View City Islamabad commercial block and its intricacies, we will talk about all the related facets and features. In addition, it is also pertinent to mention that from location, payment plan, and master plan to a seamless booking process, everything is solid and secure. So, stay intact on how you can get on your journey of making a perfect investment choice.

Park View City Islamabad

Among the top societies, Park View City Islamabad does come on the list. In addition, the developers have managed to deliver way beyond expectations. Therefore, people are taking on the opportunity of investing in one of the best investment opportunities.

The housing venture is under the skilled, experienced, and highly acknowledged management of the Vision Group. A firm that is reputable, a fine brand, and massively authentic. The Park View City Islamabad owner & CEO, Mr. Aleem Dar, has managed to always be an icon of inspiration with every business he indulges in. Now, in real estate too, he has delivered exceptionally beyond brilliance, assuring the investors, stakeholders, and general masses. Moreover, the location is right at the most ideal, dreamy, and feasible location. It resides right at Margalla Hills which is exceptionally enchanting.

Park View City Islamabad commercial

Let’s talk about the ever-promising Park View City Islamabad commercial block in society. As mentioned earlier it is one of the finest, most immaculate, and impeccable investment opportunities.

Ideal Location

Since the society resides in the most ideal and dreamy location which is right at Malot Road in Zone 4. In addition, it is in close vicinity of many other highly commercial locations like Bahria Enclave, Kashmir Highway, Bhara Kahu, and more.

Anyhow, the location of Park View City Islamabad commercial block inside the society is also in the center position, where the residents will have a comfortable commercial lifestyle.

Commercial Block Payment plan

The entire payment plan of society is extremely easy, feasible, and affordable. Therefore, people expected the same accommodation in all its blocks, thus, the developers delivered the same. The Park View City Islamabad’s the walk commercial block with a gamut of possibilities and opportunities is highly affordable. It is because the Vison Group has kept all social classes in mind while getting the payment plan together.

Anyhow, here is the payment plan for the Park View City Islamabad commercial block. For the time being, the developers are offering these plot sizes;

  • 6 Marla in B comm costs 80,000,000 along with 20,000,000 as the down payment which is 25% of the total price. For the installment, it is 4 quarterly bases so it would be 15,000,000.
  • Then, there are 6 Marla C comm and it costs the same. 80,000,000 as the total price, 20,000,000 for the down payment, and 15,000,000 for the quarterly installment.
  • 8 Marla, the price is 150,000,000 along with 37,500,000 as the down payment. For the quarterly installments, it is 28,125,000.
  • Well, then comes 8 Marla in Lake facing Comm A, the cost is 200,000,000 along with 50,000,000. The quarterly installment is 37,500,000.

Commercial Block amenities

There is a plethora of amenities and exceptional facets that make Park View City Islamabad commercial block stand apart. Anyhow, the commercial block offers a whole lot. it goes without saying any commercial block has to offer business and commercial possibilities. In addition, all the blocks of the veneture are incredible including Park View City J Block, Golf Estate, and more.

Now, what makes it different from any other? That is the level and amount of opportunities, facets, and possibilities that it has to offer. Well, the Park View City Islamabad commercial block is giving you everything that a normal/comfortable lifestyle requires.

Entertainment and Errands Spots

To run normal life errands, the commercial center and block have all kinds of entertainment and general spots. It makes life easier and seamless for investors. Therefore, general stores, grocery spots, shopping malls, and other venues are just simply perfect.

Business Centers

To make it highly feasible, there are multiple business centers, offices, and commercial points. It helps the residents, stakeholders, and investors in general to have a comfortable commercial lifestyle.

Community & Educational areas

There are also many community centers for the service of investors and to make their lives much easier. In addition, the presence of educational institutions, health care, and basic necessities, makes the whole vicinity more special. Therefore, Park View City Islamabad commercial block becomes even more special.


Park View City Islamabad commercial block is one of the best blocks in society. Offering a gamut of possibilities and opportunities that will make the lives of the investors much better, more comfortable, and more content. Anyhow, Estate Land Marketing is always here to make your best investment decisions. So, connect Now!

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