Who is the authorized dealer of New City Paradise?

Who is the authorized dealer of New City Paradise?


New City Paradise is a forthcoming housing project of Islamabad that is presently near its completion. It is set to become one of the lavish projects in the entire city because of its state-of-the-art features. The developers of this housing project have intention to provide a lavish housing lifestyle of international standard. They want to make sure that the investors would get maximum return in profit after some years. It also has an affordable payment setup that makes informal for investors to capitalize without any problem.  New City Paradise authorized dealer is the one helping out the real estate investors willing to invest their capital here.

New City Paradise NOC Status

It is very important for owners of any real estate project to get an authentic No Objection certificate. It is a compulsory file that the real estate developers seek to make sure that the project doesn’t face any hurdles by the government. Also, the investors done face any fear while investing in such project, as it is free of scams. As per the newest information, the owners have received the NOC from Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Many of its sectors have got the legal status after years of negotiation. Also, the prices of the plots may rise more after the NOC approval for long term profits generation. The New City Paradise authorized dealers have go the legal rights for its advertisement after the legal approval.

Location & Map

A location of any housing project makes it more worthy on investment on the basis of features like reachability and beauty. Also, the investors prefer for those sites that are far away from hustle and bustle. The location map and Masterplan of the entire project shows that it is locatable near M2 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway. This site would be only few minutes away from the main CPEC Route adjacent to Burhan Interchange. Also, it is not more than few kms away Wah Cant in Rawalpindi. There would also be some economic zones and educational institutions near to its accessible points.

New City Paradise authorized dealer

Every real estate firm needs to have an authorized dealer that would work with the investors on behalf of the company. They are the ones who know each and every insight of the firm that they are working with. Furthermore, they also help out in booking the plots, and they also arrange a visit for the investors on the site. The latest update suggests that Estate Land Marketing is the New City Paradise authorized dealer. This company has got the official rights to advertise about the New City Paradise.

The investors can visit the official site of this dealer to know more about details of New City Paradise. They have the professional team of real agents and marketing who are working diligently for this project. Their website contains the location map and payment plan of this housing project for the knowledge of the investors. The ones looking forward to invest in New City Paradise Phase 3 should reach out to the dealers. The Real estate agents would give the guidance, as per the financial status of the investor.


The real estate investors in Islamabad have a good opportunity to invest in new city paradise. The rates of the plots are very reasonable currently, while they might increase after its completion. An important factor about this housing project is its ideal location that is near to Motorway. The residents of this housing project would have facility to build a dream home for themselves. The affordable payment plan of this project would encourage real estate investors to invest their capital here. There would be huge economic zones around this housing project, which is another lucrative opportunity for the investors. The investors looking forward to invest their capital in this housing project must talk to marketing specialists of Estate Land Marketing. Being New City Paradise authorized dealer, we have the real estate specialists looking forward to engage with the investors.


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