Is New City Paradise a part of New City Wah?

Is New City Paradise a part of New City Wah?


New City Paradise is the new housing project in Islamabad that is about to be available for real estate investors soon. The owners behind this outclass project are Chaudhry Saad Zaman, and Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, who have delivered a famous project like New City Wah before. They have now planned New City Paradise phase 3 which looks quite similar to their previous project. This new upcoming phase is set to provide tremendous facilities to their investors.

NOC Status

No Objection Certificate is an important validity document that proves that the project is not illegal. NOC file helps the real estate owners to get more investment, as their project becomes legal. The latest update suggest that this housing project go the NOC approval from Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). The PHATA authorities were completely satisfied from the ideal design of this housing project. It got the legal status now, which further created optimism among its investors. Its investors have started investing their money more than before due to NOC approval.  After the NOC approval, New City Paradise Booking Office would not face any problems to book plots for their investors.

Location & Map

Any housing project must have an ideal development site, as it highlights the reachability and beauty. The location map of this housing project shows that it would be locatable at M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway near CPEC Route. Also, it would be adjacent to Burhan Interchange, which is only few miles away from Wah City of Rawalpindi. The other accessible route to this housing project is the main GT Road. One of the best advantage of the location site is that has different economic zones, and educational institutions nearby. The investors would have an opportunity to buy beautiful houses of their dreams. They can also use those houses as their passive income, while renting it to others.

New City Paradise Phase 3

New City Paradise Phase 3 is remarkable investment by the owners, as it spreads over more than thousands of Kanal. It would involve all type of residential and commercial projects that would be financially beneficial for entire housing project. The developers would update their Masterplan very soon, which would display huge boulevards and roads. They have ensured that the residents would get a comfortable and lavish lifestyle by investing here. The owners have hired the talented engineers that are working fast on initial sectors of this project. All these sectors would have splendid features similar to that of a foreign real estate project. One can say that this particular phase would be similar to New City Wah Phase 3.

The developers of New City Paradise Phase 3 are working strategically to make sure that the investors don’t regret their investment. They have encouraged their designers and engineers to come up with better strategies for fast completion of this housing project. After the completion of this housing sector, the rates of the plots would increase further. However, now would be the appropriate time for its investors to invest their money now. One can say that New City Paradise Phase 3 is somehow a part of New City Wah. However, its features are going to be dissimilar to its other sectors.


The New City Paradise Phase 3 would be the ideal choice for the real estate investment, as compared to other sectors. Its perfect location makes it an important project in terms of real estate investment. The facilities of the entire housing sector would be of an international standard. One of the most significant part of the entire project is its reasonable payment plan, which makes it easy for investors to invest. For more information and booking for the plots, the investors should contact the real estate agents of Estate Land Marketing. Our company has been dealing with numerous real estate project in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our company has hired skilled and knowledgeable real estate agents, who are professional in their field.


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