Where is Blue World Trade Center Located?

Where is Blue World Trade Center Located?

The trade center location is adding high-tier value to the block & Blue World City at large. In addition, the investment grabs attention only if it fulfills the basic & advanced needs of the contemporary lifestyle & sets a bar for the future. Blue World City Islamabad, however, is gaining much deserving attention for all its blocks & incredible features. It is so because the primary and advanced facets are being tapped into. In addition, only a few housing societies in Pakistan can balance the line between luxury & affordability. The trade center block, too, serves the best & sets the bar of excellence way higher – being one of the top reasons to invest in Blue World City.

In addition, a sense of trust & confidence in the developers goes a long way. BWC developers, Blue Group of Companies, have been in the market for over 2 decades. The sheer excellence in all their manual or online services is at par. Therefore, grandeur & splendidness is maintained.

Blue World City Investment

The Blue World City is a housing society in the twin cities. The real estate industry’s most promising, futuristic & par venture has undoubtedly managed to attain the much-needed attention of the investors’ community. The line of personal & professional capacities meets the full luxury and comfort. Built by the ever-trusted Blue Group of Companies, BWC secures the future & ensures high-end benefits. Moreover, from the prime location, exceedingly tailored and at par groundwork, easy Blue World Trade Center payment plan to its perfect execution, it’s a bright future.

Besides that, Blue World City is a fully-fledged NOC-approved society; therefore, the possibility of legal inconveniences, mishaps, or issues is down to zero.

BWC Trade Center Location

The location holds exceedingly high importance among the most prominent factors in real estate investment. It is so because there needs to be easy access to all the basic & advanced life facilities. In addition to this, the commercialization, career/job options, and professional possibilities blend are also critical. A perfect blend of personal & professional lifestyle. That’s precisely what the Blue World Trade Center location map & all other blocks represent.

The Blue World City is primarily located at the Main Chakri Road, one of the most business-oriented & commercially rich vicinity. In addition, venues like DHA Islamabad, Grand Trunk Road, Bahria Town, and more add even more value to it. The trade center location inside the society also possesses the most commercial importance & is highly reachable from all the blocks of the BWC society.


Here are some of the access points that are proof enough of how facilitated and at ease the residents will be;

  • Just 2 min drive from the Bahria Town Hospital
  • Just 40 min drive from the New Islamabad International Hospitals
  • The trade center in BWC is just 10 min from the ever-enriching Rawalpindi Railway Station
  • Just 33 minutes from the Capital Territory
  • 33 min drive from the Chakri Interchange
  • Just 31 minutes from the Islamabad International Airport
  • Just 3 min from Sihal
  • 57 min drive from Rawat
  • Just 32 min from Rawalpindi
  • 13 min from Rawalpindi Race Club

Nearby Location

The nearby locations of Blue World City are all about bringing sublime & infinite opportunities to the investor’s doorsteps;

  • Giga Mall
  • Bahria Town
  • Blue World City Head Office
  • Beacon House
  • Bait-Al-Mandi
  • National Highway
  • New Islamabad International Airport
  • Lahore- Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
  • Mumtaz City
  • Capital Smart City

To put it in a nutshell, the location of Blue World City itself is exceedingly prime, accessible & ideal in the twin cities. So much that every modern, needed, and wanted necessity is there right in the vicinity of society, both within and outside of the society.


The importance of excellent and attractive location results in more than pleasing outcomes. First & foremost, no investor wants to invest in a location that does not provide access to a modern and advanced lifestyle. It indeed is a present-day need. Trade center location, however, opens infinite doors to the Blue World Economic Zone, career & business -and business-oriented possibilities. Investors can enjoy the influx of Blue World trade center jobs too.

However, residents must assess and watch out for the advantages & disadvantages of their property’s vicinity. Having world-class educational institutes, par health care centers, a splendid commercial hub, and 24/7 gas, electricity & water availability are impressive. Along with all kinds of eco-friendly scenery & infrastructural advantages, the remarkable Blue World Trade Center location brings on the board. Moreover, it makes the investment worthwhile.


Blue World Trade Center is one of society’s giant & most promising investments. There are several reasons behind this, but the location holds extra importance as it sheds high significance on the very commercialization & business-oriented approach of a perfect lifestyle. So, research your dream property’s site prior to ensure that industrial and personal needs are aptly met. Lastly, do connect with Estate Land Marketing for all kinds of needs.

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