What are Blue World Trade Center Complete Details

What are Blue World Trade Center Complete Details

The futuristic, lucrative & impeccable investment of the Blue World Trade Center encapsulates the very idea of luxuries and comforts. That includes both personal & professional capacities. Well, Blue World City itself comes with a perfectly all-in-one investment package. Moreover, the trusted & experienced developers of Blue Group of Companies bear a 20-year-long career. It adds a high value to the society’s dominance. Multiple property types in society stand for diversity & versatility. This way, potential investors & general masses can choose their dream property from various options.

Moreover, talking about the property types available at Blue World City, the trade center is a magnificent and splendid investment. From offering a dream location, and affordable payment plan to luxuries that infrastructure that truly stands next to perfection, the block covers it all. In addition, it offers an intelligent lifestyle that balances the line of personal & professional comforts.

Blue World City Developers

Blue Group of Companies is a globally acknowledged real estate company in Pakistan. Having a 2-decade-long career in the market translates to having immense experience, trust & skills to the board. Therefore, investors’ expectations & assurance for BGC and Blue World City Islamabad are skyrocketing. Furthermore, the company is a massive brand in the real estate industry & it has successfully managed to tap into multiple other niches & industries.

Blue Group of Companies is a one-stop firm whether it is the clothing brand, marketing world, Blue Palm, Blue Bricks, retail sector, or more. Moreover, with every housing project, the BGC has managed to raise the bar exceedingly high & take the standard up a notch. The same goes for Blue World City, too & its diversified & varied property types, including the Trade Center.

Trade Center

The most asked question about what is Blue World Trade Center is, it is Pakistan’s first-ever property exchange skyscraper that brings infinite luxuries on board and makes it much easier to do trading & business in general. In addition, many aspects are in keen consideration to make a practical choice. It includes excellent infrastructure followed by affordability, among more. Well, Blue World Trade Center is a perfect hub for it.


The commercial & enriching importance of the Blue World Trade Center location map within the vicinity attracts huge attention. The key, minute detailing & direct accessibility from commercial areas like Grand Trunk Road, Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad & more holds huge importance. Furthermore, here are some of the nearby locations;

  • National Highway
  • BWC Head Office
  • Giga Mall
  • Bait-Al-Mandi
  • Beacon House School
  • Bahria Town Phase 1-6

The investment decision depends hugely on location because the influx that the neighborhood critical spots around the society & within it matters impeccably.

Trade Center Payment Plan

The incredibly feasible, economical, and affordable Blue World Trade Center payment plan has been the talk of the town. The flood of luxuries & comforts that the block brings needs to be reasonable, too, so investors from all social classes can afford them. Here’s how it goes;


The offered plot sizes are 6,12 & 18, Marla

  • The cost for 6 Marla is 1.750,000 whereas the down payment is only 175,000. Moreover, the 40 monthly installments demand 17,500 each.
  • The price for 12 Marla is 3.150,000, whereas the down payment is only 315,000. The 40 monthly installments require 31,500 each.
  • The price for 18 Marla is 4,200,000, whereas the down payment is only 420,000. Moreover, the 40 monthly installments need 42,000 each.


The offered plot size is 5 Marla

  • The cost for 5 Marla is 8,000,000 with an 800,000 payment Plan. The monthly installment is only 80,000.

Salient Features

Boost your business to great heights by investing in Blue World Trade Center as it provides commercially prosperous & high-rise ends that any other society rarely fulfills. Moreover, Blue World City features and facets in general are just simply incredible. There is an influx of Blue World trade center jobs that are promoting a much higher brighter future. Here are some of the primary features of the block;


  • It is a replica of ‘The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, which were once referred to as the tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004. Moreover, the Trade Center in BWC will be a 27-storey tower. Also, there’s a dedicated car park and commercial firms will be available on 23 floors.
  • From world-class shopping malls, providing per advanced & intelligent lifestyle. The space it will take will be lower ground, ground & 1st floor.
  • As part of the massive influx of business opportunities & possibilities, Blue World City Trade Center has a significant corporate world. Clean, professional & flooded with career options, the corporate offices of the block are high-end.
  • Furthermore, the loft apartment, laced with luxuries, is all about modernity & innovative living standards.


Blue World City Islamabad Trade Center is a perfect example of what a perfectly lucrative, futuristic & worthwhile investment looks like. In addition, it is also advisable to do prior thorough research first. The investment in Blue World City Islamabad is all about the balance between luxuries on the personal & professional front. Lastly, do reach out to Estate Land Marketing in case of any ambiguity, assistance & booking.

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