RUDA approaches LWMC about transforming landfills into parks

RUDA approaches LWMC about transforming landfills into parks

According to news stories from January 14 published in Lahore, the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has suggested turning Mahmood Booti and Lakhdair into a sizable park along with the waste sites owned by the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC).

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The involved authorities acknowledged that the two waste sites were emitting methane gas, which was contaminating the groundwater table, thus the authority floated this suggestion. According to a senior RUDA official, the organisation believes that in order to avoid any potentially detrimental effects on public health, the current solid waste dumping sites at Mahmood Booti and Lakhodair need to be relocated.

Additionally, the RUDA representative disclosed that the region in question falls under the authority’s purview in accordance with the master plan, which is why it contacted the LWMC management for the removal of waste sites. The RUDA representatives are persuading the authority to use the site for the construction of a significant public park.

It was also made known that the concerned RUDA personnel are charged with finding appropriate relocation locations within the project area and turning them over to LWMC once the idea has reached its maturity.

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