Is Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan 2023 Available?

Is Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan 2023 Available?

The easiest & feasible Blue World Payment Plan in all its blocks is grabbing the deserving yet needed attention. The trade center, in particular, counts among the best & finest investment choices in Pakistan. The facilities, features, and facets it offers are entirely at par & next to perfection. That too in every department. Therefore, investors, both locally & globally, are taking the opportunity hands-on. In addition, all blocks in Blue World City Islamabad make sure that the personal & professional means of a perfect and advanced lifestyle are covered in their respective way. Thus, giving the lifestyle that any other society rarely taps on.

Moreover, talking about the blocks, the Blue World Trade Center is Pakistan’s first-ever property exchange sky-scrapper. Not only does it bring a flood of business opportunities on board, but it also makes the residents and general masses’ lives much more ideal & perfect. Through it, trading for investors has become way more feasible and easier.

Blue World City Investment

As mentioned earlier, the Trade Center is the finest and most impeccable trading opportunity for investors, but there are a whole lot of other aspects that society needs to cover. Well, all blocks in Blue World City take the entire’ investor’s wants & needs gamut’ into high consideration & provide them with great excellence. In addition, Blue World City approved NOC status also holds great importance.

Another more important factor is the incredibly highly skilled & experienced developers of the society. The masses have great trust and confidence in Blue Group of Companies because the firm has served for over 20 years. The CEO, Saad Nazir, has not only stepped & delivered perfectly in the real estate industry but there are multiple other industries in which he is a maestro. The company has covered it all, whether it is the marketing, printing, Blue Bricks, Blue Palm, clothing brand, retail sector, architectural services, or more.

Blue World Trade Center

First & foremost, the trade center is one of the finest spots for investors regarding professional, trading, and business capacity. The residents can take their ideas & businesses to great peaks by believing in the concept. In addition, it rarely happens when society provides a perfect package of all these in one place. Well, Blue World City Islamabad does & with great prestige.

Blue World Payment Plan – Trade Center

The importance of luxury doubles when it becomes affordable to all social classes without any difference. That’s precisely where it stands out among other housing ventures, as Blue World City price range is highly seamless & easy. An incredible package of viable, economical & affordable investment, lucrative for today & the future. Here’s the Blue World Trade Center payment plan;


The block offers 6,12, and 18 Marla to the investors. Investors can choose from varied & diverse plot choices as per their wants & needs.

  • 6 Marla costs 1,790,000 with 175,000 as the down payment. The monthly installment, however, is only 17,500.
  • For 12 Marla, the price is 3,150,000, while the down payment is 315,000. The monthly installment, however, is 31,500.
  • 18 Marla costs 4,200,000 with 420,000 as the down payment. The monthly installment is just Rs42,000.

Remember that the installment plan will carry on for 40 months.


In the commercial zone, the block offers 5 Marla at the moment;

  • The price for 5 Marla is 8,000,000, with just 80,000 as the monthly installment.

Location & other Facets

We must take the Blue World Trade Center Location map into great consideration prior to investing. It is so because of the influx of facilities and amenities that the block brings on board, the prices, in comparison, are way much more economical & easier. It is located in one of the highly commercial & rich venues in the twin cities. Being adjacent to the Main Chakri Road & accessible via the high commercial, Islamabad International Airport, and M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, the investors are in for a great treat.

  • In addition, the Trade Center is a replica of the globally known ‘The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.” It was once known as the hugest building around the globe.
  • However, the Blue World Trade Centre is a massive 27-story tower.
  • Due to the infinite influx of high-end & non-stop business opportunities and career options, it is undoubtedly one of the best corporate world options. There are infinite Blue World Trade Center jobs available at your doorstep.


Blue World City, one of the biggest, thriving & futuristic investments, does come bearing all pleasant and good news for the residents. With the flood of facets & facilities, the investors of the Trade Center and all other blocks are on the edge of a much more secure and more beneficial tomorrow. Although it is highly advisable to be completely aware and informed, setting your investment priorities right is necessary. Otherwise, highly skilled, legitimate & experienced real estate firm like Estate Land Marketing is always at your service. Do connect in case of any assistance, ambiguity, or booking.

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