Is Blue World City the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan?

Is Blue world city the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan?

The splendid Blue World tourist city features are one of the major reasons why the society is attracting major attention. Furthermore, investing in this housing venture is all about aspiring for a future that stands for security and luxury & comfort. But unfortunately, only a few housing societies in Pakistan manage to provide it. Blue World City, however, not only ticks these aspects but is considered the best and first purpose-built tourist housing venture. The finest among them all. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic investment venture? , therefore, the first reason, however, is that BWC is in collaboration with the globally acknowledged Chinese real estate firm – Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation.

There will be no compromise on the splendid infrastructure, framework & amazing master plan of the society. It will also be a perfect investment opportunity because it lives up to the international standard & at par lifestyle. There are multiple other reasons why Blue World City is widely known as the finest and first purpose-built venture; we will tap into most of them.

Blue World City Investment

The question of investment to stand out & be beneficial today and tomorrow needs a few aspects. Therefore, the thoroughly NOC-approved Blue World city ticks all the departments. Whether it is the location, highly economical payment plan, splendid master plan, or just the fact that a perfect balance of personal & professional life meets, investors from all across the globe can find infinite career, professional, and commercial opportunities for a prosperous future. While a magnificent personal (residential) lifestyle is also very much there.


The location of BWC is also one of the reasons why the attention around the society keeps increasing. It is directly reachable from the Main Chakri Road, M-2 Lahore -Islamabad Motorway & even the New International Islamabad Airport. One of the closest routes to society is CPEC. Making it a highly commercial & key place in the twin cities.

Blue World Tourist City – First Purpose-Built

Pakistan’s real estate industry has seen significant growth over the years and reached international standards of luxury, infrastructure & comfort. Blue World City tourism – a housing venture, however, becomes the first to take it to the next level.

Magnificent Features

Another reason why Blue World City Tourist City (first purpose-built) is that it brings the world to the investor’s doorstep. Through globally acknowledged, the finest replicas of the world in society are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of them;


Setting a benchmark for competitor societies & an asset for the future, the splendid Burj-Al-Arab replica is one of its kind. It counts as one of the significant parts of the commercial hub that society has to offer. There will be infinite business, career & job opportunities. It sure is going to be the finest & best option for professional means, along with being a magnificent scenery spot.

Blue Mosque

One of the most admired, visited & adored places in the world is the Blue Mosque in Turkey. Its magnificent replica is only available at BWC, and with what prestige? In addition, it emphasizes rooting the Islamic values & culture for the residents & general masses. Therefore, it will act as the great Blue World City tourist city, attracting people worldwide to the great vision, scenery, and infrastructure.

Horse Mascot

The tallest horse mascots in the world are available only in Blue World City Islamabad. The sculptures are not only the best addition to the beauty & splendidness of society but also act as the best tourist spots for masses all around the globe. It is around 125 feet in height from the ground, creating much hype and deserving a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Largest Cricket Stadium

Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium is a part of society. There will be at least 15,000 visitors’ space at once. It is great and optimistic for all sports enthusiasts around the globe.

Commercial Hub

Attracting the world’s finest & impeccable business opportunities for investors & bringing them to their doorstep is what the BWC investment rewards. Not only is there an influx of professional means within the society’s vicinity but in its outer surroundings too. There are multiple vital points & thoroughly rich venues of the twin cities which provide numerous benefits. However, investors who intend to go for start-ups will be at the end of finding the proper & spot-on facilities & amenities right at their doorstep.

Pak- China Collaboration Venture

Blue World City is the only housing society in Pakistan to get the globally known Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation on board. It is a Chinese real estate company; therefore, the infrastructure & framework is solid & next to perfection. Also, this project is more like two countries creating more business opportunities by joining hands & opting for a more peaceful & prosperous future. Inviting the world to tour the incredible Pakistan & see the beauty it holds.

CPEC Route

The society is closest to the CPEC Route; therefore, the trade is on the way to reaching newer & novel heights. Besides, BGC will also opt for the most incredible Chinese techniques & development methods in society.


Blue World City aims to ensure a quality & impeccable lifestyle available to all social classes while maintaining the world-class standard. Well, it certainly manages to do that since not only the paperwork but the execution & development are right next to perfection. It sure is attracting tourists from all across the globe. Well, it was how society aimed in the first place. The first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan. For any other information, assistance & booking, do connect with Estate Land Marketing, the exceptionally skilled & experienced.

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