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Blue World Trade Center Complete Details

Blue World Trade Center, a smart high-rise design, is a gateway for the real estate industry in Pakistan. The Blue World Trade Center is Pakistan’s first property exchange tower, loaded with all the amenities and services that make doing business more convenient and efficient. Blue World Trade Center will become the foremost sought-after commercial address in Rawalpindi, notably for real estate firms and brands and their linked industries, due to its central location. As a result, the concept is to develop a real estate business hub in Pakistan in the form of a mixed-use innovative building architecture with all of the amenities and services that contribute to the comfort and effectiveness of business.


Blue World Trade Center is owned and developed by the Blue Group of Companies. The Blue Group of Companies was formed in Lahore in 1989. Initially, the company offered architecture planning and construction operations. By attracting the interest of clients and respectable investors in the industry, the company quickly established a solid reputation as a reputable and professional organization. The company is now regarded as one of Pakistan’s top five property development firms, with international prominence.

Ever since, the group has worked hard to establish itself as a one-stop shop for a wide range of services, including real estate construction branding, design and construction, development, IT assistance, and commercial publishing. The organization has also begun a retail operation in parallel to these services. It also has several convenience stores and clothing companies under its belt. The Blue Group of Companies employs approximately 300 dedicated individuals who serve in various positions, making it one of Pakistan’s most diverse corporations.


When it comes to land decisions, the area expects to play a significant role. Before purchasing a property, an investor should consider the benefits and downsides of the surrounding area. The BWTC area is well regarded since it is easily accessible from the Grand Trunk Road. The extend is only a few minutes away from all of Islamabad’s and Rawalpindi’s renowned business zones. The project will stimulate the best eco-friendly activities inside the city, prepared for the stake-holding purposes of both prospective buyers and speculators alike, by leaning on the development elements of current real estate upgrades.


BWTC is in a fantastic location, right close to two significant residential and commercial developments, Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. As you can tell from the location map above, this magnificent futuristic project is easily accessible from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad, thanks to the GT road’s connection with the Islamabad Highway. The fact that the Bahria Town Hospital is right next door is considered a benefit. The Blue World City location is also a short distance from the Giga Mall and the Lignum Tower. Apart from the aforementioned adjacent venues, the Blue World City Office is also conveniently located around the corner to oversee operations.

Twin Tower Replica

The Blue World Trade Center is a massive undertaking. This skyscraper will be a duplicate of the Petronas Twin Towers, built to international standards. The Petronas Twin Towers, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are twin skyscrapers. From 1998 to 2004, they were the planet’s highest buildings, according to the official criteria and rating of the Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat. It will be a 23-story structure, designed in two. BTWC will reserve parking in the three-level basement.

Meanwhile, commercial businesses will be available on numerous of the 23 floors. Skywalk will be available between the two towers, which are connected by a bridge. It is going to be a skyscraper. The tall twin skyscrapers, which will have all of the luxury amenities, will be the most crucial business hub.

BWTC’s highlights include

Meeting Rooms

Boardrooms and function rooms are commonly used for corporate events and corporate meetings. For the accessibility of the commercial sector, Blue World Trade Centre will provide various board rooms. Because no one wants any technical malfunctions and problems while the essential client is in the midst of a presentation, BWTC will offer a setting with efficient air conditioning and outstanding multi-media resources.

Corporate Offices

BWTC provides employees with clean, corporate spaces in which to work. Individual workstations, cubicles, and offices will be available in the corporate offices. The facility will be fully air-conditioned for employee comfort, and the trade center will provide employee workspaces with Wi-Fi. They’ll also include lounge rooms where staff can relax during their breaks.

Fully-equipped Apartments

It’s comforting to know that on the day you settle into your new apartment, you’ll find all of your daily necessities—even those that aren’t generally offered in a furnished residence. If that’s what you’re after, BWTC can provide you with a fully equipped & furnished flat. Within the Twin Towers, their attractively built, fully equipped residences will have everything one needs.


The Blue World Trade Centre will also feature premium hotels that will provide personalized service, a wide range of conveniences, and sophisticated lodgings to their visitors. They intend to give the guests convenience, décor, and luxury encounters that meet or surpass their highest expectations.


Among the reasons to invest in Blue World City – it sure counts as a fine example. This spectacular project will include fine-dining restaurants and a cafeteria. The building will provide restaurant services for the luxury and flexibility of both inhabitants and the business hub.

24/7 CCTV Cameras Security

The most important priority and one of the most important selling features of any development is that it is secured from all entrances, allowing people to work and live in peace and security. As a result, the engineers will take security very seriously and will deploy high-tech, impregnable security systems to eliminate any security issues. As a result, the comprehensive security strategy will include Surveillance cameras, security officers, gated entrance points, and much more.


With Pakistan’s first property exchange skyscraper, the Blue World Trade Center, the BGC-IGC Consortium elevates the trade sector to the next level. The concept is to develop a property development hub in Pakistan in the form of a mixed-use innovative building design with all of the amenities and resources, including two helipads, to enhance business functionality, luxury, and productivity. Estateland Marketing always provides you with the best investment opportunities available in the market to read more about other projects from the developer like Blue World City, please visit our blog section.

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