Why Invest in New City Paradise

Why Invest in New City Paradise


New City Paradise Investment will be one of the best residential opportunities for all the residents of the twin cities. Moreover, lucrative world-class features will make it an ideal residential space. Furthermore, the best aspect is the site and the developers who have already showcased quality deliverables. The most significant perk of investing in this outclass master project is legal. And a noc approval makes the investment more reliable and feasible for everyone. In addition, several community facilities will be available, making the investment trustworthy and mandatory. Lastly, here are some of them that boost the worth of investment.

Why Invest in New City Paradise

New City Paradise Investment will yield several perks in all investors’ lives. Moreover, the quality and timely delivery of projects are what developers are keen to offer. Therefore, the investing prospect here will be significant.

Ideal Location

The site of New City Paradise will make the investment more trustworthy, increasing the residential Investment. Moreover, it will be on M1 Motorway, making it highly accessible as it will be on CPEC Route. And will be just 0 km away from the Burhan Interchange. All these accessibilities will make it the most feasible and approachable investment opportunity in the nearby area. In fact, for the twin cities’ residents, there will be maximum facilities features and facilities available to make it one of the best investment options.

Renowned Owners

The New City Housing Project has already made the investors confident about their projects, mainly because of the New City Wah. Furthermore, that has already delivered the best residing space for all. Moreover, Chaudry Qamar and Chaudry Saad Zaman are the owners of the New City Paradise. Most importantly, their expert professional architects and designers have made the investment options more trustworthy and suitable.

NOC Status

The best feature that attracts most investors is the legal status. Moreover, the developer is keen to make it the ideal environment. And making the investment decision more convenient for all. Furthermore, the Punjab Housing and Town Planning (PHATA) approval has made the residential investment legal and worthy. Therefore, the investment here will yield profits as it will increase the worth of the land and the living experience.

Premium-Quality Infrastructure

New City Paradise Investment is the quality infrastructure that will create the investment ratio and make the living experience more blissful. Moreover, the infrastructure will also be a significant reason to increase the investment’s worth. The professionals and experts have made the housing venture more feasible and suitable for living space. Most importantly, the architecture will make business deals more successful for commercial purposes.

Affordable Properties

Property rates are a vital and significant aspect that all investors look at before the residential investment, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the New City Paradise Investment is suitable for all investors from a different economic standpoint. And that is the reason the developers will be making the payment schedule viable to pay. Most importantly, the instalment plan will further escalate the investment rats in the community. Lastly, the pre-launch property rates will start from PKR 1,850,000//- to PKR 6,750,000/-.

Commercial Opportunities

A commercial zone will be part of this residing space where several dimensions of plots will be available. Moreover, the residents will have a chance to make any business venture prosper. Simply because of the high-quality architecture and reasonable plot rates. All these pluses will help the startup grow. The aspect that will help scale the endeavour is the feasible instalment rates. Lastly, that allows the investors and the business owners to pay the total amount according to their preferences and status.

Secured Gated Community

Lastly, the New City Paradise Investment will be worthwhile because of the protective and serene investment opportunity. Moreover, the developers are willing to make it the ideal extension of the new city phases to attain secured living goals. Furthermore, the developers will use high-tech features to secure the community, like the special facial recognition CCTV Cameras. Similarly, the security gauds will also make the environment more peaceful as they will avoid all the haphazard issues in the residing space.


New City Paradise Investment will be the best decision and the need of the hour for all the residents of nearby areas. Moreover, countless amenities will be present in that community that will enhance the living standards to another level. Furthermore, the developers are coming up with a legal housing venture that has already proved to be the best and most secure investment. The housing complex will be the extension of the first two phases, which is why the developers have named it New City Phase 3 or New City Paradise. Hence the investors have a higher trust in this investment opportunity. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing is the platinum sales partner offering all investors the best possible and adequate guidance.

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