New City Wah

New City Wah


New city Wah is an outstanding housing scheme developing in the Wah. Moreover, the developers are also keen to offer the best living standards to create a sense of comfort and luxury simultaneously. Furthermore, the location is the best feature of this housing scheme as it is the only residential scheme between the GT Road and Motorway. And the prices are also suitable where all investors can have an affordable lifestyle.

Therefore, the developers offer the best lifestyle by providing international living standards. And the features and facilities available at this residential complex will be of different sizes and prices that will fulfil the needs of the residents. Lastly, the details of housing schemes will be available in the blog. So, keep reading.

Owners & Developers

The developers are happily providing the best lifestyle to all the investors. Moreover, this new city housing project is marvellous that ensures high-quality living standards for everyone. Furthermore, there will be access to all facilities in a single gated community. And for that, they are also offering n affordable prices. But, most importantly, investors now trust them because of their high-quality work standards. And that is also the reason they are gaining popularity among residents. Lastly, investment here will be profitable according to the developer’s efforts and high work performance.

NOC Status

The housing scheme has approval from the concerned authorities. And the registration number is NOC# 705/ TMAH. Moreover, the legality affects the investment ratio among the investors. Furthermore, confidence among the investors and residents is all that developers want from their work. And this is also the reason the worth of the properties here is increasing. Therefore, the investment will make the profitable asset.

Location & Map

The place determines the profitability of the housing schemes. Therefore, the developers have chosen the best place to offer maximum convenience to future residents and investors of its new city. Moreover, the location is between the M1 Motorway and the GT Road. And It connects at the Brahma Bahter Interchange CPEC Motorway M-1 and GT Road Wah Cantt. Furthermore, the side is accessible from the twin cities at a 10 Km drive from Islamabad.

Most importantly, access to schools, hospitals, and other vital sites. So, for sustainable investment, the location is ideal and profitable. Lastly, The residential scheme is 16 Km away from Burhan, a 1 hr 40 minutes drive from Peshawar, and Islamabad is at 33 minutes drive and 40 minutes away from New Islamabad Airport.

New City Wah location


New City Wah Payment Plans

The prices of the properties available at this world-class residential venture are highly affordable, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the housing schemes offer 5,7,10, and 20 Marla of properties. Furthermore, the instalment plan further increases the buying power of investors. And people living in the surrounding areas are willing to invest here and make a sustainable and profitable investment.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

The residential plots are 5, 7, 10, and 20 Marlas, creating fantastic residential investment options. Moreover, the updated price plan will be open soon. And the current rates are here.

New City Wah residential payment plan

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Commercial properties are also vital to all housing schemes, and the residential project offers developed residential properties. And the rates of plots are here:

New City Wah commercial payment plan

Business Square Payment Plan

The business will help the residents and investors to make sustainable profits. Now the residents can make themselves economically sound by starting any business venture.

New City Wah business sqaure payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan includes numerous properties and amenities like Blue World City Islamabad. Moreover, the developers are concerned about a better living for all investors at reasonable prices. Furthermore, the housing schemes offer several residential and commercial properties. And their details are as follows:

New City Wah master plan

New City Wah Phase 1

New City Wah has two phases, including various facilities and features. Moreover, the phase has several blocks and properties to fill the living requirements of the investors. And the facilities and features are also enough for everyone to attain a successful living standard. Therefore, investment here is the investors’ and residents’ most astonishing decision.

New City Wah Phase 2

Thirteen blocks are available in the housing scheme that ensures the residents’ quality of living. Furthermore, the details of phase 2 are also available here, which indicate the quality of deliverables. And there will be the best living facilities for everyone. The new city phase 2 is famous for the amenities it has to offer to all investors. And the price is the most attractive feature. Lastly, the extensive details are here.

New City Phase 3

New City Phase 3 The owners and developers are here with phase 3, New City Paradise. Moreover, the total area of the phase will be over thousands of Kanal. Furthermore, the commercial and residential facilities will ensure ideal and dream living investment and facilities for all investors. The prices and master plan details will be available soon. And all the features, including costs and property details, will be available at the site soon.

Residential Plots

The 13 blocks are available in the housing scheme. And all of them offer several sizes of residential plots. Moreover, the facilities and features are also outstanding with the plan of reasonable living standards. Furthermore, all primary and luxurious commodities will be available there. Moreover, the investors can get a furnished home as well. Lastly, the properties available here are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial Plots

The developers want to let the investors and future residents grow monetary. Moreover, the different plots are present in the community, ensuring all the investors start any business venture. Most importantly, investors can quickly begin any business venture here because of its affordability. And the instalment plan is also increasing the interest and buying capacity of the investors. Lastly, the properties available here will be:

  • 2 Marla
  • 5 Marla

New City Arcade Center

The housing society offers the New City Arcade Center. Moreover, it will have Asia’s biggest waterfall. Furthermore, it will provide the best living standards to all residents by offering different entertainment and shopping facilities. Most interestingly, a resident’s block will be at the top of the plaza. Most importantly, the prices will be affordable with an easy instalment plan. Therefore, investment in this place is a must for everyone.

Business Square

The housing scheme offers a business square. Furthermore, the developers are trying to create a better business and commercial setting for all the investors. And the prices are also creating a chance of investing among investors. And the corporate environment will help the investors generate leads and business growth. Therefore, the investment here will let the investors and residents in business growth.

Overseas Block

The overseas Pakistani need a worthy and valuable residential investment in the country. Moreover, several housing schemes in the country offers overseas block at affordable prices, like the Seven Wonders City Islamabad. Furthermore, access to all the basic and high-end facilities will ensure convenient living standards for everyone. And the affordable prices will also be the motivating factor to invest there. And the properties available here are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Development Status

The housing scheme is developing quickly to provide modern yet luxurious facilities to everyone. Moreover, block A and C construction is going at a fast pace. And these are the blocks where investors can have a great living experience. Furthermore, grand Mosque construction is also going on that will soon complete the development work. And the Petrol pump construction is also going on in the country, which will quickly fulfil the residents’ needs.

The fitness areas are also available to help the residents attain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, snooker lovers will have a great time here because there is a snooker club that will let the investors have quality time here. Lastly, the Nova city school is also operational in the housing scheme that offers quality education to all residents.


  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Commercial Area
  • Business Square
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Fitness Areas
  • Wide Roads
  • Buildings and Apartments
  • Adequate Sewerage System
  • high-rise Buildings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical Units


Several benefits involve living in a new city wah. Ans some of the most significant are as follows:

Secured Gated Community

The first and most vital aspect of investing here is it offers secured living standards. Moreover, CCTV cameras will be available to them with sustainable living standards. Furthermore, the areas already have walls, creating a sense of security among the residents. And the developer’s topmost priority is to manage a better lifestyle for all investors.

Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme

The housing scheme is environmentally friendly. Moreover, developers follow international town planning standards that reduce waste during construction. Furthermore, a plantation drive in the community will add greenery and serenity to the housing scheme like the Forest Town Islamabad. And people living here will strive for a healthy lifestyle at highly reasonable rates.

Provision of all Basics

There will be access to all essentials like electricity, gas and water, which will increase the residents’ quality of living. Moreover, the good aspect is that the developers offer these facilities at a minimum amount. Furthermore, the provision will be available 24/7, indicating that living here will be vital. Lastly, investing here will make a long-term and valuable lifestyle.

Medical and Educational Facilities

School and medical units will be available in the country to provide help in need. Moreover, the schools follow high-quality curriculum standards to give the students the best educational guidance. Furthermore, the medical units will also help the residents in a medical emergency. All these facilities make living standards extraordinary. Therefore, investing here is the best decision for the residents of nearby areas.

Business Opportunities

The developers follow the business options of all the residents and the investors. Moreover, the business square, commercial areas and rental properties are beneficial options to make money. Furthermore, an instalment plan can make a valuable investment option for all investors who want easy buying. And the several sizes may help the investors make the preferable investment in this housing scheme.

Pros & Cons

Several benefits are involved in making a long-term investment here. And some of them are these:


  • Affordability
  • Ideal Location
  • Commercial Area
  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Apartments
  • Grand Mosque
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Community Centers


  • The perception of high prices.

Why Invest in New City Wah?

No reason negates the idea of investing in this magnificent real estate project. Moreover, the developers and owners are happy to make a living space that offers everything in a single gated community. Furthermore, investors and residents are having a great time in the community. Moreover, the prices and location are undoubtedly the most catchy aspect of investing in this residential endeavour. And the other facilities include all essential and high-end available at reasonable prices. Therefore, investing here is the best and most necessary decision of all investor’s life.


The new city Wah is an ideally situated residential project that offers numerous facilities and features to all the residents and investors. Moreover, developers provide affordable rates to increase investors’ buying power. Furthermore, location is the main factor the investors want to invest in this residential project. And facilities are according to international living standards. The most important aspect is the prices of the properties that reach everyone because of the easy instalment plan.

Moreover, the investors are living their best in this residential scheme with the marvellous facilities. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing can provide you with the best deal here. So, without delay, invest here and attain the best living goals.


Q1. What is New City Wah?

It is an outstanding housing scheme developing in the Wah.

Q2. Is the residential scheme accessible?

The residential scheme is 16 Km away from Burhan, a 1 hr 40 minutes drive from Peshawar, and Islamabad is at 33 minutes drive and 40 minutes away from New Islamabad Airport.

Q3. Where is the site of the New City?

It is between the Brahma Bahter Interchange CPEC Motorway M-1 and GT Road Wah Cantt

Q4. Is the payment plan available?

Yes, the payment plan is available, and Estate land Marketing offers the best deal to its investors.

Q5. Instalment plan provision is available?

The instalment plan is available to ease investors in buying properties here.

Q6. Are there commercial properties in the new city?

Yes, the housing scheme has commercial properties.

Q7. Is this a legal housing scheme?

The residential project has approval from the concerned department. And the registration number is NOC# 705/ TMAH.

Q8. Where can I find the best property deal?

Estate Land Marketing offers the best property deals. So, connect with them now.

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