What is the process of New City Paradise booking?

What is the process of New City Paradise booking?


New City Paradise is one of the latest under-development housing projects in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since its announcement, it is becoming a big attraction among the real estate specialists of Islamabad. Investors, irrespective of financial background, would be able to make huge profits on their return on investment. However, one has to be familiar with New City Paradise booking to register a plot for themselves. Many real estate investors had already expressed their desire to establish a dream home for themselves at this project.

Location & Map

The real estate investors, before capitalizing on their favourite housing project, always check location, as they prioritize beauty and accessibility. This housing project is locatable at an ideal destination near M1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway that is adjacent to Wah City Rawalpindi and a few miles away from Burhan Interchange. Apart from that, any individual can easily reach here with the easy GT road. Moreover, there are several economic zones near this location, which increases its worth. The ideal location plays a vital role for the investors in the New City Paradise Booking.

New City Paradise Booking Process

The recent New City Paradise Booking is one of the most straightforward and most innovative  steps that any real estate investor can go for. The developers of this housing project have made sure that the investors book the project during their daily routine. However, they have to follow the following steps for easy reservation of their plots.

Step 1

The real estate investors must get in touch with a reliable real estate entity linked with this housing project. They can visit their office or get in touch with their sales representatives on call. During the call, they must get every kind of relevant information about the plots that they are willing to capitalize on.

Step 2

If the investors have visited the registered entity, they will get a plot file from a sales agent. The plot files would comprise of registration number, which has to be filled out with the all the other mandatory detail of the plot. The entire file would also comprise of the rules and guidelines about this housing project, which the investors need to read out sensibly.

Step 3

After the investors have filled out the form, they must attach the following document for registration.

  • CNIC copy of their own
  • CNIC copy of the next kin to the candidate
  • Two small passport-size picture

The Pakistani investors residing abroad would have to contain the following files along with the form.

  • Photocopy of overseas CNIC, Visa, or info of their driving certificate
  • Two small passport-size photos

Step 4

After the form has been filled out, the investors need to go for a down payment. The facts about the down payment would be available according to the New City Paradise Prices section. The investors would have to pay either through their sales entity to the owners or directly to their real estate agents through banking services.

Step 5

After the investors have completed all the steps mentioned above, then the they need to take their New City Paradise Booking file to its official booking office. Then, the management of New City Paradise would issue a payment receipt that would indicate the confirmation of the payment reception.

Step 6

The management of the New City Paradise might take around one month to create the plot file. After that, the company would might request their delivery partners to send the file to the home address through TCS.


New City Paradise is going to be an efficient housing project with a variety of residential options. The New City Paradise Booking procedure makes it convenient for its investors to invest their money quickly. Therefore, it would be in the interest of the real estate investors to invest in this project now. Otherwise, the rates of the plots would increase more after the completion of the entire housing project. You can get in touch with real estate managers of Estate Land Marketing for help in the investment. They have skilled marketing professionals, who would assist the investors personally for their comfort.


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