New City Paradise Launched Commercial Plots

New City Paradise Launched Commercial Plots

New City Paradise

New city paradise commercial plots are now available for all investors at highly affordable rates. Also, the new city paradise developers have launched commercial properties for investors looking to create sustainable investment opportunities. Moreover, different sizes of commercial entities will be a part of the community where they can earn the best return on investment. Also, the developers are ensuring that the retail space must fulfil international standards of quality; several amenities will be part of the community to gain the maximum benefits and investment opportunities.

We know the owners have previously developed housing projects where investors have the best lifestyle of their dreams. So, with little time, the details of the commercial plots in the new city paradise are here.

New City Paradise Owners

Renowned and famous builders develop the housing project for creating unique housing projects like New City Wah phases 1 and 2. Also, the housing community is growing in the new city, wah. Therefore, the developers are willing to make the best possible livelihood among the investors and future residents.

NOC Status

Legitimacy is the first and most vital aspect that will be available in the housing project. Also, the best part is that the New City Paradise has approval from the PHATA, making it one of the desirable housing projects near the twin cities. Also, the developers are creating the most viable and affordable living space by offering the best features in just a gated community. Therefore, the investment here will be valuable because of the legitimacy and affordability factor.

New City Paradise Payment Plan

The developers of the housing project are helping the investors share the most affordable housing investment. We know that the New City Paradise Payment Plan is highly affordable and includes prices of the various residential plots. And here is the latest commercial property for sale rates.

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Commercial properties that are highly affordable with the instalment provision will assist the investors in creating long-run profitable opportunities. Besides the best features and amenities accessibility, the rest of the commercial properties are highly affordable. The other details we have available are elaborately described below:

New City Paradise Commercial plots

2.5 Marla Plot for Sale

2.5 marla commercial properties are now available at the new city paradise, where retail investors can get the highest livelihood and commercial gains. The makers have shared the particulars of the further price that are accessible here:

  • The total price of a 2.5 marla commercial is PKR 5,500,000/-
  • Whereas the booking and confirmation amount of the plot is PKR 550,000/-
  • The four-half-yearly balloon payment is PKR 276,000/-.
  • The easy 36 monthly instalments are PKR 61,100/-
  • And the allotment and possession price at 10 per cent is PKR 550,000/-

4 Marla Commercial Plot for sale

The housing project will have four commercial properties, one of the desirable sizes available for most retail investors looking for investment. Also, the easy payable instalment will be available for investors to try to make a profitable investment. Lastly, the other four marla commercial plot specifications are here.

  • The total amount of 4 Marla plots is PKR 8,500,000/-.
  • Also, the booking and confirmation amount, PKR 850,000/-, is highly feasible to pay.
  • The four half-yearly balloon payments of 4 marla plots are PKR 426,000/-
  • PKR 82,600/- is the thirty-six monthly instalments.
  • The possession and allocation price at 10 per cent will be PKR 850,000/-

7 Marla Plot Price

The seven marla properties will be one of the most popular to make a business venture of their wish. Moreover, there will be world-class features facilitating the investors to build a profitable future. Lastly, these are the details of the price.

  • The total price of the 7 Marla plot will be PKR 14,500,000/-
  • And the booking and confirmation amount is PKR 1,450,000/-
  • Also, the four half-yearly balloons payments will be PKR 727,000/-
  • The thirsty six monthly instalments are PKR 140,900/-
  • At ten per cent, the allotment and possession will be PKR 1,450,000/-


The new city paradise offers one of the most luxurious housing communities developing near the twin cities. Moreover, there will be world-class features and amenities will be accessible to future residents and investors where. Furthermore, the housing project owners have recently developed commercial properties with the best and most futuristic features and facilities. As a result, investors can make a good amount of money in any corporate and retail setting to make a high return on investments. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing thoroughly provides details and investment guidance. So, keep yourself updated with them.

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