AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad


Al Faisal Enclave Islamabad is the latest housing community developing in the surrounding area of International Airport Islamabad. Moreover, the developers have made it the best housing venture for investors and future inhabitants. Furthermore, the developers are keeping the affordability factor in mind to make this investment more trustworthy and reliable among all investors of the twin cities. And all the access points of this housing society will be highly accessible. Most importantly, several features and facilities will be present in a single community. Lastly, the article will include all the details of the Al Faisal Enclave.

Owners & Developers

The housing venture has three developers working together to create a long-term and sustainable investment, including Pak AMAFHH Contractor Associates, Silkway Business Associates, and Sujo Hunza Real Estate. All these real estate firms have the best team and experience in giving a residing dream place to all future inhabitants. And the name is already the trustworthy aspect of investing here. Therefore, investing here will help achieve the highest and most sustainable form of living.

Al Faisal Enclave NOC Status

The housing venture has applied all the relevant documents to attain the legal status of the community. Moreover, their primary concern is offering legal real estate investment to all future inhabitants. Furthermore, after the Noc approval, the housing venture will become a more worthy and valuable asset for all. Lastly, it is the right and duty of all investors to check the legal documents before making any investment.

Location & Map

The site is an appealing investment option for everyone near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the housing community is at Fateh Jhang Road. Furthermore, it will be close to Islamabad International Airport and ICHS Town Islamabad, and all these sites are feasible and approachable options for all investors and residents. Most importantly, it will lie in Girja District with the access points including  Kashmir Highway, M1 Motorway, GT Road N-G and the Link Road. Lastly, Islamic International University lies within a few minutes drive.

This residence space is an idea for the residents and investors from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. And the reason would be the accessibility of the site from the vital areas and nearby landmarks. Moreover, the developers focus on adding value to all investors’ lives. Furthermore, its location map is here to get an idea of the site.

AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad Location map

Payment Plans

The housing venture offers the best and easily payable time to all investors, like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, developers are here with the feasible sizes option that will allow the investors and buyers to make the dream and suitable residential investment. So, according to the nature of the properties, the developers divide the properties into these sections.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

The residing spaces will add value to most investors’ lives because of their sizes and price range. Moreover, the developers have also offered the instalment to add the feasibility and affordability factors to the buying process. However, a down payment payable is mandatory, without which the purchasing of properties will not start. And the prices range and the feasibility of the expected time of these residential properties are here:

Residential Plots

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

The commercial zone is also available in the rising community with an ambition to allow all residents to grow themselves monetarily. Moreover, these commercials set up the will of premium and world-class structure and quality. And here are the details of payment schedules, downpayment and total amounts of commercial setups.

AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad commercial payment plan

Al Faisal Enclave Master Plan

The housing venture will offer exceptionally outclass infrastructure and high living standards to all investors like the TAB City Rawalpindi. Moreover, developers are willing to make it a serene and secure space to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, there will be access to essentials like electricity, water, and gas with high-end commodities. Most importantly, the properties will be worth the investment and living. Lastly, the available plots there are:

AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad Master Plan

Residential Plots

Of course, the residing community has the best yet a variety of living spaces for all. Moreover, feasible and highly inexpensive rate plans will encourage the investors to make an ideal living here. Furthermore, the site and features available there will add value to all residents’ lives with the affordable buying package. And the further details of properties here are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There will be a commercial set up in the community offering the zone that will help all the inhabitants to make an ideal living in the community. And the infrastructure quality will be the plus that will help create long-term monetary goals. Lastly, the commercial opportunities here will be:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Farm Houses

The other residing facility that will add leisure to all buyers’ lives is the provision of a farmhouse. Moreover, these facilities will add value and happiness to the buyers’ lives. Furthermore, the developers are trying to offer the complete package of sustainable living in a single gated community. Therefore, all these facilities and features will make it a worthy investment. Lastly, the farmhouse option available in the community will be:

  • 3 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 6 Kanal


The apartment will have the best living space because of its affordability factor. Moreover, the developers are again concerned about the investor’s buying capacity and created a space that will offer all necessities and high-end commodities at best possible rates. And the apartments will also add world-class structural beauty to the community. Lastly, the availability of the apartments will be:

  • Studio 500 Sq ft
  • 1-Bed 650 Sq ft
  • 2-Bed 1250 Sq ft
  • 3-Bed 1650 Sq ft

Development Status

The housing community will be available and open soon for living purposes. Moreover, the developers of the AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad promise to deliver the best residing space as quickly as possible. Furthermore, with the way the machinery works at the site, it is clear that all property buyers will soon start living ideal living in this community. Most importantly, the levelling and cutting of properties will start quickly. And the construction and development work will be part of the plan as soon as the bare earth preparations are complete. Lastly, the development work updates will be available in Estate Land Marketing, so keep in touch with the website.


Several features will be part of the AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad. Moreover, soon the future residents will facilitate these:

  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Accessible Site Map
  • Broad Street & main Boulevards
  • Family Parks
  • Fitness Areas
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical Centers
  • Commercial Zone
  • Graveyard
  • Street Lamp
  • Parking Area
  • Shops and Marts
  • Filtration Plants
  • Community Center
  • Apartments
  • Franhouses
  • Optimal Drainage System


Several amenities will be available at the AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad. The future inhabitant will happily enjoy these in the residential community.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The housing community will be offering an ecological and green environment to the community. Moreover, the developers will provide world-class living standards to all investors in a single space. Furthermore, there will be plantation drives occurring all over that will add serenity and calmness to the residing room. And the availability of a sustainable healthy environment is the best aspect for all future inhabitants.

Medical and Educational Centers

Medical facilities and educational services will be available for all investors and future inhabitants on their doorstep. Moreover, the medical services will help in mitigating any medical emergencies. And the educational centres will follow international academic standards to help attain the desired educational goals. Therefore, all these facilities will be available in the community.

Access to all Essentials

Developers are aware of all investors living criteria. Moreover, they will offer all living needs at highly reasonable rates. Furthermore, the investors can get electricity, water and gas at their doorstep. Most importantly, filtration plants will also help make the community’s best quality of living. All these facilities will be accessible to everyone in the necessary amounts. Therefore, this will be a trustworthy and long-term investment.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The developers are following the international urban town planning standards to grow and outsmart the living way of future residents. Furthermore, the structural quality of the residing and commercial spaces will help achieve the highest living way and also will help in generating more monetary gains. So, the apartment, buildings and homes will be of top quality.

Commercial Zone

The commercial facilities will help in making more monetary gains. Moreover, the developers will make several sizes of commercial setups. Furthermore, the commercial option will be a significant part of all communities. And the high-quality infrastructure is another aspect that will make massive business leads for all. Lastly, the best aspect will be the commercial setup’s price range that will help attain the goals within the buyer pay range.

Secured Gated Community

The housing community will offer high-tech, protected living spaces to all investors. Moreover, there will be CCTV cameras that will recognize the faces and help in maintaining the crime rate in the community. Furthermore, the security guards will also help keep the community’s healthy living standards. Lastly, all inhabitant needs a space where they can have an ideal and protective way of living. And this housing venture fulfils all the basic needs of the investors.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Several benefits are involved in residing in the housing community. Moreover, the best factors that suggest a sustainable living benefit here are:


  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Venture
  • Inexpensive Plot Rates
  • Secured Living Standards
  • Filtration Plants
  • Educational Hub
  • Medical Services
  • Commercial Zone
  • Family Parks & Grounds
  • Parking Areas
  • Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • Ideal Location
  • Premium Infrastructural Quality
  • Farmhouses
  • Access to all Basic
  • Apartments
  • Grid Station
  • Community Center


  • Perception of inexpensive rates.

Why Invest in AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad?

The developers offer the dream living way to everyone in a single gated community. Moreover, all durable and basic facilities and features will be on the doorstep of all future inhabitants. Furthermore, the site is again a highly accessible and approachable factor that will lead to sustainable living standards. Most importantly, the prices will be available in the buying range of most investors and future residents. And the facilities and the features will also catch most of the residents to get durable living standards in the single gated community. Therefore, living and investing here will be profitable and sustainable.


The developers can help in attaining long-term living standards for all. Moreover, numerous facilities and features are available in the community to offer the ideal living standards to all investors and future inhabitants. Furthermore, the location and rates are the leading investment factors in the housing venture. Most importantly, in one gated community, there will be access to all primary and high-end facilities. And the future inhabitants can access top-notch medical services and educational facilities. All these provisions will add value to the living way of future inhabitants. Moreover, if you are wondering where and how to create an ideal living here, Estate Land Marketing can significantly help all investors. So, contact them right away.


Q1. What is AL Faisal Enclave Islamabad?

Al Faisal Enclave Islamabad is the latest housing community developing in the surrounding area of International Airport Islamabad.

Q2. What are its site map and access points?

It will be close to Islamabad International Airport and ICHS Town and can be accessible from the Kashmir Highway, M1 Motorway, GT Road N-G and the Link Road.

Q3. Who is building this housing venture?

Pak AMAFHH Contractor Associates, Silkway Business Associates, and Sujo Hunza Real Estate are partnering to make a housing community.

Q4. What is the legal status of AL Faisal Enclave?

The housing venture has applied all the relevant documents to attain the legal status of the community.

Q5. Are there commercial and farmhouse plots available?

Yes, there will be farmhouses and commercial plots provision in the community.

Q6. Is the payment plan reasonable with an instalment provision?

Yes, to encourage the investors to buy an ideal investment here, there is an easy payment plan with instalments.

Q7. Is this a reliable real estate investment?

Getting all the basic and high-end services and facilities will be feasible for all in this gated community. So, it is a reliable option.

Q8. How to get the ideal residential investment here?

Estate Land Marketing can significantly help all investors to make an ideal investment here.

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