Is Blue World No Objection Certificate Approved or not Updated Guide 2021

Is Blue World City NOC Approved or Not? Updated Guide

Blue World City is a remarkable residential project by Blue Group of Companies in partnership with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. Moreover, Blue World City NOC is attaining approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. In addition, the housing society resides on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway. Furthermore, the residential project allows the residents to enjoy a serene and quiet living atmosphere.

Blue World City is the most satisfactory option for investing in an optimal property or a private plot. The real estate project is offering online administrations such as Blue World City confirmation, online Installment, and application status. Furthermore, the housing society in Islamabad covers several blocks and squares.  Such as General Square, and Overseas Square. Blue Hills Farm Houses, Awami Villas, Orbital Flats, and affordable Awami Residential Complex.

However, there has been confusion about the NOC approval of Blue World City since the announcement of the project.  Therefore, we will discuss the significance of NOC-approved housing societies and the NOC Status of  Blue World City.

Significance of NOC

NOC is a popular abbreviation for a No Objection Certificate. It is a statement of approval given to a person or a company for moving ahead with constructing or purchasing property. NOC is a necessary document for avoiding legal hardships and hassle in the concerned property in the future.

NOC Approval

A No Objection Certificate, commonly known as a NOC, is a critical document that certifies the legitimacy of a project. Therefore, it is a statement that declares that no legal issue is going to arise if the deal and transaction go through. Furthermore, The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is issuing a No Objection Certificate for Blue World City. It is in response to RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148 published on February 19, 2019.

The developers sent a new application when the community initially received authorization for 427 Kanal of Land. Therefore, RDA added Blue World City to the list of companies for approval. However, the NOC status shifted between unlawful and under investigation. Fortunately, Blue World City is about to acquire the NOC shortly, given its rapid expansion and development. Regrettably, there is misinformation spreading that Blue World City Islamabad is illegal. However, the RDA’s NOC Status of  Blue World City Islamabad is completely legal.

NOC Update of Blue World City 2021

Numerous people say that this is an unlawful housing society in 2019, RDA is processing Blue World City NOC documents. However, the authentic update on the NOC status is that it is undergoing its NOC clearance process, which practically every residential scheme undergoes.

Blue World City Islamabad recently won a lawsuit against RDA over the NOC approval. Therefore, the decision of the case was in the housing society’s favor by the Rawalpindi Session Court. Hence, it is a huge triumph for Blue World Management, which is now trying to expand its sphere of influence by purchasing more land for the project. It is a fully legal housing society confident in setting a new benchmark in Pakistani real estate development.

Total Land Specifications

The housing society has almost 10,000 Kanal land in its scope, and the area is increasing day by day. Additionally, Blue World City is rapidly growing and developing extensive machines and fleets. It is also one of the reasons to invest in blue world city. Hence, this clarifies that the housing scheme is following all standards set by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Therefore, this project will get its Blue World City no-objection certificate approved very soon.

Moreover, since the Rawalpindi Session Court is favorably ruling the housing society, the Blue World City development is taking place at a good and rapid pace. It makes it evident that Blue World City is a completely legal housing society developing with the assistance of Chinese companies. Furthermore, this project is also known as the Pak-China friendly housing project as it is becoming the first purpose-built tourism destination in Islamabad.

RDA Documentation Approval for NOC

Documentation of No objection certificate for Blue World City

Official Notice of  Land Area by Blue World City

procured land for Blue World City after approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority

NOC Update December 2021

The good news is here for all the investors and future residents of Blue World City. This housing project now has a legal status under the District Council.  As we know, Blue World City has an area of 1534 Kanals and 05 Marlas, and 1134 Kanal falls in the Mouza Sehal and 400 Kanal in Mouza Habtal, which is located at main Chakri Road.

Moreover, the government plays a vital role in fulfilling this task as the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and District Council find common ground. Furthermore, all the Blue World City legal issues are resolved by legalizing status by the district council Rawalpindi as per the Local Bodies Ordinance 202, signed on 11 Dec 2021. However, the Blue World City gets a Noc status from the district council Rawalpindi, vide letter no 532/10/DC on 07-08-2018. And now, the NOC of Blue World City has a legal status under the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021. Indeed it’s a piece of good news for all the investors and future residents.

blue world city NOC Update December 2021

NOC Status Updates 2023

Blue World City is undoubtedly one of the best asset-creation opportunities in the twin cities, with primary and luxurious amenities for all prospective investors and residents. Moreover, the housing project’s legal status is still under process. The BWC management has submitted all the mandatory documents to the authorized entities. And here are the details of the previous land data that the concerned authorities have authorized.

  • In 2017, 427 Kanals of land were granted first planning permission by the RDA.
  • Secondly, in 2019, the RDA declared another planning permission for 1534 Kanals of land.
  • Lastly, in 2022, BWC management submitted the required documents to the PHATA for 17,121 Kanals of land. And the 8609 Kanals land approval is under process.


Blue World City is a legal housing society in Islamabad constructed with Chinese corporations’ assistance. Consequently, the project is also known as the Pak-China-friendly housing project. Therefore, it is an easy investment opportunity as there is no legal hardship. Moreover, the No objection certificate status of Blue World City looks bright as it is winning the lawsuit against the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Moreover, the development is in full swing, indicating that the housing society is one of Islamabad’s prime and leading real estate projects. Estate Land Marketing is a team of experienced professionals who are expertly trained in the real estate industry. Our team is available for your service if you want to acquire the property of your dreams in Blue World City now that their no-objection certificate is getting approval, making it a legal housing society.

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