Blue World City Launches Executive Block

Blue World City Launches Executive Block


Blue World City Executive Block is finally here to facilitate investors and future residents. Moreover, there are a variety of plots available here, making this block a suitable investment. The other vital aspect is the Blue World City location with full of facilities. Furthermore, the payment plans are highly affordable, where everyone can invest. And, to facilitate the investors, there is a provision of a four-year installment plan; this will ease the investment from all economic groups. Lastly, to know more, continue reading.

Blue World City

A blue world city is Pakistan’s new modern and futuristic housing society. Moreover, they aim to offer comfort and luxury in just one gated community. And, they have also proven it; their master plan is state of the art and includes all the facilities from comfort to luxury. The developers of this housing society are the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). Also, Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company assisted the developers in this project.

Blue World City NOC Status

The Blue World City NOC now has a legal status, and they have received their approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Moreover, Blue World City now has a Noc status under the district council Rawalpindi, vide letter no 532/10/DC on 07-08-2018. As we know, NOC plays a vital role in gaining investors’ trust and confidence, and Blue World City is now not behind in the race to attain investors’ and future residents’ trust.

 Executive Block Payment Plan

The executive block of the Blue World City is nowhere to facilitate the investors and future residents. Moreover, there are a variety of plots available here with an affordable payment plan. The other best feature of this housing society is the location, and the site will facilitate the residents and increase the worth of this real estate project. Furthermore, if we talk about the payment plan, the suitable facility Blue World City is offering is its four-year installment plan.  The specifications of the plots are as follows:

Executive Block Payment Plan 2021 in blue world city

5 Marla Plots

There is an availability of 5 Marlas plots in the executive block. Moreover, these plots are here to facilitate the residents to make a dream home. Secondly, they can be the best option for rental properties. Therefore investing in this real estate project will be beneficial. Furthermore, the payment plan for these plot sizes is affordable. The price range starts from PKR 875,000/-. Lastly, investing here will be an asset, as you can live here or rent out the property.

10 Marla Plots

These are other plot sizes available for investors and future residents. Moreover, as they are in an executive block, they are filled with amenities and facilities. Secondly, their size and location make them the best option to create a dream home. If you are interested in building a dream home, Blue World City Executive Block is the best option. Furthermore, the payment plan is also affordable, and with the provision of an installment program, anyone can buy a plot here. Lastly, the price of ten Marlas plots is PKR 1,675,000/-.

20 Marla Plots

The last option available here is the twenty Marlas plots. Moreover, these plots are luxurious with a lot of facilities. The other focal point is the locality of the properties, which also increases the worth of the investment. Furthermore, the payment plan is also super affordable. And, secondly, there is a provision of 4 years installment plan. The Blue World City is doing a lot for its investors’ facilitation because customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. And all Blue World City blocks are a proof. Lastly, the price range of the twenty marlas plots is PKR 3,150,000/-

Blue World City Executive Block payment plan




The blue world city is here to facilitate the residents and investors from all economic groups. They have come up with a solution for all those who want a dream home. Moreover, with the provision of a four-year installment plan, a sense of ease prevails among the investors. Secondly, now all investors can buy a property in executive blocks full of amenities and features. Therefore, investment here will be a valuable asset. Lastly, the master plan of the executive block allows a variety of plot sizes to facilitate the investors. To know more about investing, visit the Estate Land Marketing office or their official website.

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