Blue World City Awami Block Complete Guide 2023

Blue world city Awami block Complete Guide 2023

Blue World City Awami block gives a smart and affordable lifestyle to the general public. Moreover, the lifestyle of a certain society translates to the kind of living choices they eventually make. Therefore, choosing a suitable living space that is not only laced with all sorts of necessities and amenities but also lives up to the international standard is pertinent. All Blue World City blocks are the perfect investment choices to watch out for. In particular, Blue World Awami Block is all about hitting the target of providing a premium lifestyle. Furthermore, all social classes can afford their dream property in the Awami Block, which is exceptionally affordable.

Moreover, the BWC Awami Block stands true to its widely known slogan of ‘A Home for Every Family.’ The aspect that Blue World City Islamabad is Pakistan’s first purpose-built housing society; therefore, the developers are trying to set a bar way higher. Moreover, staying true and authentic to the 20-year-long journey in the real estate industry, Blue Group of Companies has earned immense trust, experience, and, most importantly, investors’ assurance.

NOC Status

The ‘No Objection Certificate’ is exceptionally important. It is so because the investor gets the government’s assurance of their property, which means that it is an entirely legal piece of land. Therefore, no future inconveniences and mishaps will arise for the residents and investors.

Blue World City is a complete and full-fledged approved society. The Rawalpindi Development Authority granted the issuance to the venture way sooner. Therefore, the expectations and confidence of the general masses, potential investors, and residents are skyrocketing. In addition, the approved blocks inside the society, Blue World Awami Block, come under the count because it is also an ultimately NOC-approved society.

  • 532/10/DC dated 07-08-2018

Flexible Payment

The Awami Block of Blue World City Islamabad is gaining immense attention because the block offers your dream property at the most affordable rates. Moreover, investors of every social background will be able to buy their interested property in the block and secure the future.

In addition, the developers are making the tagline ‘a home for every family’ come true by making the Blue World City Awami Block Payment Plan dreamable and affordable. Here’s the payment plan;


The offered plot sizes are;

  • The price for 3.5 Marla is 840,000, along with 84,000 as the booking price. However, the monthly installment is just 10,500.
  • 4.5 Marla total registration cost is 1,080,000, along with 87,500 for the down payment. Moreover, the confirmation payment is just 48,750, and 9,750 is the monthly installment.

Remember that the entire installment plan will last for 40 months. In addition, the highly Budget-friendly payment plan is grabbing the deserving attention lens down to the Awami Block.

Feasible Location

Right next to the pertinent factor of a flexible payment, a feasible location aspect makes a significant difference. The investors are in for a great deal as the developers are ticking just the right boxes in the Blue World City Awami Block map.

Furthermore, the vicinity of the block is surrounded by exceptionally enriching key areas and landmarks. The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex resides exactly on Adiala Road, adjacent to the commercially rich Rawalpindi Ring Road, Lahore – Islamabad M-2 Motorway & more.

Access Points

Some highly accessible points that make the Awami Block vicinity even more attractive and admirable are;

  • Only 20 min drive – New Islamabad International Airport
  • Just 5 min drive – Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Precisely 1 min – Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
  • 10 min drive – CEPEC Route

Awami Block Unique Attributes

  • The Awami Block is a proper gated community.
  • The block has a 280 ft. wide main boulevard and will likely give around 60 -70% capital profit.
  • Exceptionally unique and standing infrastructure which, we rarely see in Pakistan.
  • Absolutely secure, sound, safe, and a supreme security system for investors.
  • Ideal and advanced facilities such as a Water Filtration Plant, OIC Monument, and more.
  • It is developed by the sheer and one-of-its-kind collaboration of BGC and IGC.

Booking Procedure

Talking about the booking process of the low-cost and exceptionally economical property type, Blue World City Awami Block, here are the details;

  • Visit the official website of the society.
  • Look up all the requirements, related information, payment plan, etc., and the booking process.
  • Otherwise, you can also get in touch with the most reliable and experienced firm, Estate Land Marketing, for any assistance or information.
  • However, fill in the form and attach the required documents for online booking.
  • Get the payment receipt via check or pay the order.
  • Then submit all the documents to the main office.
  • Download the society’s application for your booking confirmation and check your file verification/status.

Documentation Needed

To submit the file application, the documentation along with it is;

  • CNIC Copies
  • Two passport-size pictures
  • One NICOP copy
  • Payment Receipt


The thoroughly NOC-approved, gated community and most promising housing venture of Blue World Awami Block is one the best investment options available. Therefore, the masses and potential investors are taking the opportunity hands-on. So, what’s the wait for? Make the best and most convenient choice by investing in the Awami Block. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing is always available for booking and assistance.

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