Blue World City Map Guide by Seerab

Blue World City Map Guide by Seerab

The splendid and incredibly helpful, Seerab map Blue World City process is beneficial for all investors across the board. Furthermore, one of the impeccable, reliable, and most authenticated names in the real estate market is undoubtedly Seerab Technologies. Moreover, the company has been around for quite a few years. In this span of time, the company, however, has managed to dive deep and make a deserving name in the market.

The Blue Group of Companies all location, map scrutiny, and other geospatial technologies capacities. Also, investors can easily find their dream property location in Blue World City via the highly skilled and truthful Seerab Technologies. All the location navigation and its surrounding key points are vividly visible and in access to the general masses.

Seerab Technologies

Founded back in 2016, Seerab Technologies has been around with great expertise and prestige. In addition, the firm offers services that are all geographic diversity and wide range. Anyhow, here are some of the benefits that the ultra-experienced Seerab Technologies are good at;

  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD)
  • Spatial Data Science (SDS)
  • Geo Analytic & Interactive Data Visualization
  • Geographic Information Science & technologies (GIS)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In addition, the main aim of Seerab Company was counseling, training, and consulting for the investors. Therefore, it has become much easier for the general masses and potential investors to do the prior research & be thoroughly informed.

Seerab Owners

The company was founded by Farhat Bashir and co-founded by Zulkifil Ahmed. Moreover, the duo at par excellence has undoubtedly set the bar higher in making the real estate industry grow and excel in all different departments. Furthermore, more than 120 countries have access to the ultra-authentic information of Seerab technologies, including Pakistan.

In addition, all the real estate firms, companies, portals, agencies, and more can use the official footage of Seerab Technologies. So not only does it save them the extra hustle but time and expenses too. Therefore, connecting and serving the investors in this particular department is way more manageable now.

Seerab Map Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad location and map details are about more straightforward navigation, simple access, and direct information. Furthermore, all of the critical points of the Blue World location are also explained in the simplest way possible. Anyhow, here’s how Seerab Technologies processes the very geography of Blue World City;

  • The society covers a gigantic piece of land over 1 Lac Kanal. Moreover, it then breaks down into multiple blocks, sectors, and more.
  • As for the location, the society resides right on Main Chakri Road. It, however, sure is one of the most highly commercial, easily accessible, and one of the most enriching venues in the twin cities.
  • In addition, the housing venture also surrounds the most key areas of the vicinity.
  • Whether it is the housing society Capital Smart City, Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad, or more, the location is a perfect choice for families and children.
  • Highly Commercially rich venues like Lahore – Islamabad Motorway, Chakri Interchange, CPEC Route, New Islamabad International Airport, and more are the center of attention in the BWC vicinity.

Nearby Landmarks

Also, many other nearby landmarks of the society make a considerable difference in attracting the masses and creating hype;

  • Bahria Town
  • Khanial Homes
  • Star Argo Farms
  • Capital Smart City
  • Islamabad
  • Defense Housing Authority
  • Mumtaz City
  • University Town
  • Rawalpindi
  • New International Islamabad Airport

Access Points as per Seerab Technologies

The access and Blue World City distance points are exceptionally important and pertinent in making it the top choice for investors;

  • Chakri, Rawalpindi – Just 13 min drive
  • N-5 National Highway – only 48 min
  • Sihal – just 3 min
  • Saddar – just 60 min
  • Rawat City – 57 min drive
  • Parial Hunting Club – just 29 min
  • Khanial Homes – only 33 min
  • Defense Housing Society – 57 min drive
  • New International Islamabad Airport – 31 min drive
  • Rawalpindi City – 33 min drive

All these and a lot more. In addition, the incredible Seerab map Blue World City clearly shows that the presence of all these impeccable and highly lucrative spots around the society’s vicinity brings many possibilities and opportunities on board.


The Seerab Technologies and their perfection in navigating the geo-structural information about the society are sure to bring unprecedented innovation in the real estate of Pakistan. However, Blue World City, in particular, ensures that not only the locality but all the needed and related information is in easy access to the investors. Therefore, the giant effort has undoubtedly made the entire process for investors much easier. However, for more information, you can always contact Estate Land Marketing.


What’s Seerab Technologies?

Seerab Technology is a firm specializing in geospatial technology. Moreover, it helps societies in all visualization and integration application processes.

When did Seerab Technologies launch?

Seerab Technology launched back in 2016.

Who’s the owner of Seerab Technologies?

Seerab Technologies is proudly owned by Farhat Bashir and co-founded by Zulkifil Ahmed.

What kind of services do Seerab Technologies provide?

Seerab Technologies, however, provides all kinds of Geospatial services in the real estate market.

How does Seerab help in navigating the Blue World City map?

Seerab helps navigate the locality, master plan, and all other related information about the society.

Which area does Seerab Technologies cater to?

Seerab Technology has over 120 countries, including Pakistan, where their authentic information is available.

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