Largest Cricket Stadium in Blue World City Sports Valley

Largest Cricket Stadium in Blue World City Sports Valley

Cricket stadium is a luxurious commodity that all investors might find interesting before investing. The blue world city developers will create a sports block in the community that will offer several other sports facilities to all the residents. Moreover, the developers are trying to make it the ideal and unique housing project where all primary and high-end features and amenities will be available. Several more facilities will be present in the surroundings of the cricket stadium.

The best aspect will be that this will be Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium at the magnificent Blue World City. Lastly, other details of the cricket ground are available in this blog.

Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium

The largest cricket stadium will soon be available at the Sports Valley block of Blue World City. Moreover, several other facilities around the stadium will allow the investors to fulfill their needs. The developers are bringing the one-of-a-kind one of the largest cricket stadiums in the community. Most importantly, all residents can access it whenever they want. The charming and fascinating aspect will be that commercial facilities will be available near the cricket stadium.

The stadium is the most enchanted factor of the Sports Valley Block. Moreover, there will be more than 55,000 spectators capacity available, where investors can have international standards of living. Furthermore, commercial units will be available near the stadium, increasing the worth of the investments. Lastly, all investors from the country can get an ideal and worthwhile investment in the BWC.

Cricket Stadium Features

Several of Blue World City’s stadium Features will help investors make long-term living standards. Moreover, the other specifications of the largest cricket stadium are here:

Cricket stadium

High-Quality Ground

Among many other reasons to invest in Blue World City, the developers will be creating a space that will be of high quality. Moreover, the best materials to construct and prepare the ground will be available. The cricket stadium ground has to be of good quality; otherwise, it will not be able to help the players lead an exceptional game. Lastly, the creators are not only fulfilling the needs of residents but also of international competitions.

Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium

The cricket stadium will be the largest gaming facility available in the community. Moreover, the developers of the BWC are trying to create one of the best gaming facilities for all investors. Furthermore, there will be space for 55,000 spectators to enjoy the live match at the exceptional housing society. The developers will provide this facility to the community in the unique Sports Valley Block.

Shadowless LED Lights

There will be shadowless LED lights in the surroundings of the cricket stadium. Moreover, these lights will facilitate the players in the game. The developers are trying to give the best playing experience to all the players and spectators. Therefore, there are installing high-quality lights in the cricket stadium.

Dressing Rooms

Two or more dressing rooms will be available in the community. Moreover, it will be the distinctive feature of the cricket stadium. There will be enough space where all investors can go and rest according to the requirements. The provision will allow for the creation of a sustainable and healthy cricket game for all the spectators.

Ideal Site

The players and spectators will enjoy cricket here because of the location and the accessibility. Moreover, it will be near Sunset Boulevard, directly accessible from Defense Road. Furthermore, the developers will create an approachability enhanced by closeness to the M2 Motorway and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. With just five minutes, investors and spectators can reach these sites.

Modern Gymnasiums

There will be a provision for a modern gymnasium in the cricket stadium. These gyms will give players a feasible place to attain their fitness goals. Moreover, world-class equipment will be available at the gyms, adding to the quality of workouts while exercising. Lastly, there will be access open for the investors to gain better fitness goals.

Secured Gated Environment

The secure environment will allow the investors to make the ideal and long-term investment in this community. Moreover, several additional facilities will be available at the housing project, like the Tallest Horse mascots, Second Cup coffee, and the Burj Al Khalifa Replica. All these facilities and features will be available in the gated community to offer everyone a lucrative and blissful experience.


The cricket stadium is the unique feature that Blue World City will soon offer investors and residents. Moreover, there will be several features available in the community that will make the investment worthwhile and experience blissful. The housing project’s creators will make a sports valley block offering several other features and sports-related facilities to all investors. All the features and amenities will be available at inexpensive rates. And just by giving down payments, the investors can make a long-term investment at the Blue World City Islamabad. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will also greatly help create a sustainable investment in the community.

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