RDA develops economic strategy to self-fund development projects

RDA develops economic strategy to self-fund development projects

Rawalpindi: News sources reported on February 24 that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has come up with a plan to bring in more money by building commercial real estate projects on all the plots it owns.

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Sources say that RDA Director General Saif Anwar Jappa said that the goal of the strategy is to make the authority financially stable and self-sufficient so that it can pay for its own development work in the future. He said that the authority will build a three-story commercial building with a basement on an 11-marla commercial plot that the RDA already owns in the Civil Line area. s neighbour will also start working on the RDA Mega Complex project near Murree Road, which will make the area a business hub.

Also, the bidding process for building the three-story parking garage in the unfinished parking plaza at Fawara Chowk will resume and be finished based on the building’s maximum capacity and market prices.

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