CBD would have the highest building in Punjab

CBD would have the highest building in Punjab

According to news that came out on February 23, the Sirius Tower will be the tallest building in Punjab. It will be in Lahore’s Central Business District (CBD), which is expected to bring in both foreign and domestic investment.

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According to the details, Sirius Tower will be in the middle of Lahore on the CBD Punjab Boulevard. It is a mixed-use project, which means that there will be space for business, recreation, and living. The building will be built on 24 kanals of land and will be 750 feet tall, which is the maximum height allowed. It was said that the skyscraper will be built in three parts: the Digital Valley, the Business District, and the Commercial and Residential District.

The news source said that this huge project will create jobs and encourage long-term growth through a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The project could take up to 5 years to finish, and it should be done by 2028. Mohammed Omer, who is the Executive Director of Commercial for the CBD, said that this project will change the skyline of Lahore and help the economy grow.

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