Tomorrow, LDA City will hold its fourth ballot

Tomorrow, LDA City will hold its fourth ballot

Director General of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Amir Ali Ahmad, has said that the 4th balloting for the LDA City Housing Scheme will be on February 28. This was said in a post on the LDA’s official Facebook page on February 27.

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The notice says that the computerized draw for 1,150 plots will take place tomorrow at the LDA Sports Complex in Johar Town. The Punjab Information Technology Board will run the vote to make sure that everything is clear (PITB).

The advertisement told people what was going on with the scheme’s development and land acquisition and said that the LDA had sped up the land acquisition process for the Jinnah Sector and given it PKR 1.5 billion to do so.

Also, the file holders have been given the following instructions on how to vote in the LDA City 4th ballot:

Landowners who gave their land to the LDA before February 20 will be the only ones on the 4th LDA City housing ballot.
Only files that have a letter of exemption before February 20 will be on the ballot for February 28.
Those who don’t send in their letter of exemption won’t be able to vote in the fourth ballot.
Check the “Entitlement Letter” issued by the LDA in the landowner’s name if you want to buy plot files directly from the landowner.
People who buy files directly from landowners should also make sure the file has been properly processed for the LDA confirmation letter to be issued.

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