CDA will eliminate park entrance fees

CDA will eliminate park entrance fees

Islamabad: According to news stories from February 21, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board has agreed to do away with access tickets for the federal city’s public parks.

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According to the information, the administration has been obtaining admission fees at two significant parks, Japanese Park and Lake View Park. Noorul Amin Mengal, the CDA Chairman, presided over a board meeting. At the conference, it was resolved to make all public parks free to enter. The CDA chairman announced that starting on Wednesday, admission will be free for everyone.

The bids from earlier auctions were also authorized by the CDA Board after they had been evaluated by a third party. The board noted that all plots received offers above the reserve price and that the auction was conducted transparently. According to the news source, the council agreed holding a second auction for commercial plots that will be open only to Pakistanis living abroad.

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