Kingdom Valley Official Website Complete Details

Kingdom Valley Official Website Complete Details

Kingdom Valley Official Website is the ultimate source where investors can find all the latest happening of the housing project. Moreover, Kingdom Valley is an innovative undertaking initiated by Kingdom Group that effectively integrates commercial and residential requirements. Also, this housing society in Islamabad, Pakistan, provides diverse real estate opportunities, encompassing apartments, residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, and towers. Moreover, this blog will provide an in-depth analysis of Kingdom Valley Islamabad official website, including its features, NOC status, and development updates, among other topics.

This housing society offers extensive real estate opportunities, including apartments, residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, and structures. This blog thoroughly examines the Kingdom Valley website, including an analysis of its unique attributes, NOC status, and continuous development updates. And a comprehensive synopsis of the dynamic real estate opportunities it offers, making it an appealing opportunity for investors and residents. We should immediately commence a thorough investigation. Lastly, let’s explore the details of the Kingdom Valley official website without delay.

Kingdom Valley Official Website

Kingdom Group has developed and designed Kingdom Valley, encompassing more than 15,000 Kanals of land. Furthermore, the initiative intends to provide a cutting-edge living environment using innovative town development. Moreover, the housing society offers a comprehensive solution for various requirements, encompassing commercial and residential applications. Additionally, the Kingdom Valley official website has all the relevant news and updates that investors usually look for before making a sustainable investment decision. And it will give investors reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley.

NOC Status Details

The Kingdom of Islamabad noc status as a housing society is essential, as it signifies adherence to regulatory requirements. Furthermore, under DRG/PHATA/2176-2021, the housing project has received consent from the PHATA. Also, this measure guarantees the development complies with all requisite planning and legal regulations. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad website provides the Open File Verification procedure to authenticate files.

Owner & Development Updates

Husain Ghulam, the chairman and chief executive officer of Kingdom Valley, is Shahid Sanpal, the project’s enthusiastic proprietor and developer. His forward-thinking propels the development and establishes a flourishing community. Recent Kingdom Valley Islamabad developments emphasize constructing six-marla residential villas for residential use. Furthermore, the continuous construction activities in the park vicinity indicate the community’s dedication to improving recreational areas. Most importantly, the investors find this investment opportunity extremely credible because of the renowned developers. Also, the owners prioritize offering their investors the most sustainable investment opportunity.

Development Charges & Payment Plans

It is imperative to comprehend the financial ramifications when contemplating an investment in real estate. Moreover, Kingdom Valley discloses its development fees, which are estimated to range from 50,000 to 80,000 per marla. Furthermore, this information is crucial for residents and prospective investors who are budgeting. A comprehensive analysis of the payment plans is available for visitors at Kingdom Valley official website.

Location & Access Points

The strategic positioning of Kingdom Valley, near Chakri and the M2 Motorway, renders it an advantageous option for inhabitants. The location map for the project can be accessed on the website, offering a comprehensive visual representation of the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, the area’s attractiveness is understandable by its proximity to critical transportation nodes and technological advancements.

Kingdom Valley’s Latest Updates

Maintain informed of the most recent developments and declarations about Kingdom Valley by visiting our website. The webpage provides valuable insights regarding current advancements, payment schemes, and pertinent details. Those seeking to participate in community discussions or acquire further information will find this platform invaluable.


Kingdom Valley is a constructive housing community in Islamabad that combines commercial and residential amenities. Its commitment to development, NOC approval, and transparent financial information distinguish it in the real estate industry. Under the guidance of Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal, the ongoing development of the project offers a compelling prospect for individuals in search of a contemporary and meticulously designed residential environment in the central area of Pakistan’s capital. Kingdom Valley’s features, file verification procedure, and most recent revisions are available in greater detail on the Estate Land Marketing official website. Whether one is a prospective investor, a future resident, or merely intrigued by real estate advancements in Islamabad, Kingdom Valley serves as a remarkable illustration of ingenuity and development within the housing industry. Lastly, keep exploring Estate Land Marketing for more investment details.

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