Registration drive for Islamabad tenants, domestic workers

Registration drive for Islamabad tenants, domestic workers

Islamabad Police launched a campaign to register tenants and domestic workers, and as of August 21, 34,211 tenants and 18,342 domestic workers registration. The goal is to combat the rise in theft and robbery incidents in the city.

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The public is recommended to register domestic helpers and tenants online or at the appropriate police stations/Police Khidmat Marakiz.

Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, a City Police Officer, gave the order to register domestic workers and tenants using the new system. As part of the local police’s ongoing “Knock the Door” campaign, officers go door-to-door in the residences within their authority to collect information from tenants using a questionnaire. The questionnaire, a copy of the lease agreement, and other needed paperwork must all be submitted by the homeowner.

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Homeowners are required to provide the original computerized national identity card (CNIC), two passport-sized pictures, and other required documents for domestic helper registration. Tenants and domestic employees must both be present during the registration process.

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