Gwadar International Airport's first test flight is in March

Gwadar International Airport’s first test flight is in March

Islamabad: According to a news source, a test flight would be done in March from the brand-new Gwadar International Airport, which is designed to accommodate large cargo aircraft from all over the world.

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According to the specifics, the test flight will depart from the cutting-edge runway located on the green field of Gwadar International Airport and built to handle large cargo aircraft. By June of this year, the airport’s construction should be finished. The development of contemporary air traffic controllers was highlighted.

According to the news source, the aforementioned airport is being built under the open sky policy in cooperation with China, Oman, and the Pakistan Aviation Authority (PAA). It’s crucial to remember that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor includes the Gwadar International Airport (CPEC). The new airport will accelerate Gwadar’s growth after it is finished and will also promote trade between China and Pakistan. The new Gwadar International Airport will simplify the geopolitical position of the area on new lines, it was further noted.

Additionally, the old Gwadar Airport on the Arabian Sea is being built close by as the new Gwadar Airport is. A single runway of three and a half kilometres long has reportedly being constructed on the new Gwadar International Airport, according to information supplied. In September of this year, it will begin operating for international flights, making it Pakistan’s largest and most advanced airport.

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