CDA issues notice to illegal buildings on Park Road

CDA issues notice to illegal buildings on Park Road

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) sent notices to the owners of 39 buildings on Park road in Islamabad on Monday, January 30. The owners have two weeks to make the buildings legal, or they will be fined.

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All of the building owners on Park Road have been asked by the CDA to fix up their buildings within 15 days of receiving the notice. If they didn’t respond or get their land and buildings in order, the law would take action. According to the notice, the CDA will have the right to seal off the property or tear down the buildings of landowners who don’t follow the rules or respond within the given time frame. It was pointed out that the notices were sent to a number of places, including apartment complexes and public buildings (hospitals, schools and shopping malls).

It’s important to know that the CDA just put out a report about operations and drives to stop encroachment in the year 2022. According to the authority, it has done more than 1,100 operations in the city, tearing down hundreds of illegal structures and getting back valuable state land.

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