Capital Smart City Launches Overseas Prime 2

Capital Smart City Launches Overseas Prime 2


Overseas Prime 2 is the latest addition to the Capital Smart City Housing venture. Moreover, the developers never disappoint investors by creating new features and infrastructure for all the investors. Furthermore, the investors will have the facilities they require for the best and ideal living space for everyone. And the best feature is that the extension of the overseas block already offers everyone the perfect living space. Moreover, the developers of this magnificent and serene housing complex are the Habib Rafiq Group with Future Development Holding, and the site and price range make this investment opportunity more feasible. Lastly, the bog will have all the latest details of Overseas Prime 2.

Capital Smart City Developers

Overseas Prime 2 is the latest block that adds to the beauty of the Capital Smart City. Moreover, Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd is the mastermind behind this housing venture’s success and prosperity. And their plan was simple to offer the ideal and best living facilities and budget-friendly rates. Furthermore, both have served in the real estate industry for decades and know the art of delivering high-quality deliverables.


The site of Overseas Prime 2 is the most distinctive aspect of investment. Moreover, it is at the highest point of the other blocks in the Capital Smart City. Furthermore, the overseas prime block is at the community’s southern end near Chakri Road. And the site has the most scenic views as it is close to the  Khairi Murat Mountain Range. Moreover, it will be highly and easily accessible from Chakri Road and M2 Motorway. Furthermore, the prospective residents will have the opportunity to make it a long-term living space and a valuable asset. And the best aspect would be that this will be a pocket-friendly investment.

Payment Plan

The prices of the living spaces in the Overseas Prime 2 block are highly reasonable. Moreover, the idea is to help investors with the best and ideal lifestyle at affordable prices, like Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, the instalment rates will be another blissful aspect that will enhance the buying capacity of most investors.

The investors will also have an option to pay the lump sum amount and get ten per cent discounts. And for the fifty per cent payable amount, all investors will get a five per cent discount. Moreover,  the latest rates are available with the best payable terms. Lastly, the prices will range from PKR 3,150,000/- to PKR 18,700,000/-. And the instalment details are in this table:

Overseas Prime 2 Payment Plan

Plot Sizes

The living spaces available in Overseas Prime 2 will be of various sizes keeping in mind the needs and necessities of the investors. Moreover, developers are already offering the best possible living standards to all. Furthermore, the housing venture has several property sizes that will provide the ideal investment opportunity for all investors or their family’s needs. And the details of the investment options here are:

  • 05 Marla
  • 07 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
  • 02 Kanal


Several features will be part of the investors of Overseas Prime 2. Moreover, the developers have several features to offer all the investors at the best possible pocket-friendly rates. Lastly, these are the vital features available for all in the community:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Race-Track
  • Golf Course
  • Water Sports District
  • Chahan Dam
  • Khairi Murat Mountain Range
  • Buildings and Apartments
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Mosque

Why Invest in Overseas Prime 2?

Investing in Overseas Prime 2 will be a highly profitable residential investment for all investors. Moreover, the purchase at this block will be valuable for short-term and long-term economic goals and gains. Furthermore, the initial investment is beneficial because the investors can buy properties at pocket-friendly rates and have a chance to sell them in future to gain massive monetary gains. And if we talk about the residential option in twin cities, this block will set a record for its potential profit. Moreover, investors are willing to make an ideal home or an asset by buying an exceptional property here. Lastly, Estate Land can give you ample information regarding this newly launched block.


Overseas Prime 2 is the newest addition to the Capital Smart City. Moreover, the developers are not stopping to make it an ideal residential hub for all the residents from the twin cities and the nearby areas. Furthermore, the site is the real reason behind the high value of this worthy investment. And the best aspect can also be the price range according to the buying capacity and in range of most investors. Moreover, that is what all investors always look for in long-term real estate investments.

Furthermore, the options of numerous facilities and the feature will mesmerize the investors with the best living investment. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing can help you in guidance and buying the right property for you. So, without hesitation, contact them to get the best deal here.

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