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Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City

The developers of Qurtaba City centered their vision on togetherness, unity, and Islamic societal ideals. It is a city based on ethnic and religious ideas, with an Islamic & educated atmosphere for its residents. It is a one-of-a-kind housing project in Pakistan that encourages Islamic principles and culture while also providing modern amenities and a tranquil setting.


The creators of Qurtaba Metropolis drew inspiration for the town from the historic Spanish city of Qurtaba. The city once identified as Qurtaba has been renamed “Corodoba” in recent times. Qurtaba city was a foreshadowing in progress in the seventh century, fabricating world-renowned geniuses, designers, medics, and scholars. Qurtaba City was also responsible for the notion of street lighting, pavements, and footpaths. The city also introduced indoor toilets for the first time in Qurtaba City.


The city of enlightenment and peace Qurtaba City is a progressive step by Madinatul-Ilm. It is a no-profit, no-loss corporation registered with Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission. The growing divide between cultures and religions will necessitate a demonstrated answer presented by Islam in the near future to assist the world in a humane place to live. Their motive is to offer a space where the Muslim community can thrive by providing state-of-the-art education and research facilities.


Madinatul Ilm is a non-profit organization registered with Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. The company’s founding members include well-known scholars, businesspeople, and public figures in the country who perform a significant position for a centered culture of the country, both inland and overseas. The owners established the organization on the belief that a tangible representation of Islam’s social and societal ideals is required to keep the world a humane place to live. They will reach this goal by establishing an autonomous city based on Islamic social principles of fairness and fraternity while also providing state-of-the-art public services.

Location Map

Qurtaba City is nestled in the picturesque Potohar valley, among the two flowing rivers of Sill and Sawan, and nearby the stunning Khairi Moorat hills — about 45 minutes from Islamabad & Rawalpindi (off the Chakri interchange, Motorway, with its personal 100 ft. wide road joining it with the M2 network). Furthermore, the project is about 25 minutes near Islamabad International Airport. Rawalpindi Cadet College, Misali Public School, Govt. Girl Primary School, Govt. Girls High School, Sawan Muslim School, Govt. Boys High School, Islamic Public School, and several others are among the schools in the project’s area.

Qurtaba City location map

Malika Clinic, Fahad Dental Clinic, Qurtaba Hospital, and others are among the medical aid services in the area. The famous Zama Hotel, Subhan Restaurant, Mezbaan Family Restaurant, Rose Restaurant, Daewoo Rest Area, Fairy Meadows, and others are among the neighboring eateries. At the same time, notable stores in the area included Rahat Bakers, Al Photo Studio, Madina Plaza, and others. Qurtaba City is intended to appeal to people from all walks of life, with property prices maintained low to guarantee that everyone’s dream of possessing a home is realized. According to the Qurtaba City Islamabad geographical map, the project address is surrounded by natural surroundings. It is positioned on the Motorway Chakri Interchange, half an hour’s drive towards Hassall & Islamabad’s base city traffic. The iconic project is located near the Fateh Jang and Dhamial Roads. In addition, the new Islamabad International Airport will end up making the housing development much more desirable. Beautiful Potohar valleys border the location. The River Sill, which flows through the area, splits the project property, and it also feeds the gushing springs all around it.

NOC Status

Qurtaba City is among the few housing developments near Chakri Interchange that has received formal government approval. TMA Potohar Town is in charge of the region, and it has authorized the scheme and granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) No. 105/TMO. All necessary NOCs and approvals from other authorities have been obtained.

Master Plan

The Qurtaba City Islamabad housing development divides the property land into zones according to the master plan. Each zone has all of the modern amenities needed for a decent existence. The project’s registration is now complete, with the NOC/TMO/105 approving the construction activity legally. The government has approved the single housing project on Chakri Road, even though the other residential scheme is not permitted to be built. The Qurtaba City Housing Scheme Islamabad provides 138, 272, and 500 square yard residential plots for purchase by cash or installment plan.

Qurtaba City master plan

Qurtaba City’s project plan includes 300ft, 200ft, 100ft, and 40ft (minimum) broad roadways. Underground power wiring work is underway to assure a continuous supply of energy. All additional amenities, such as a mosque, parks, schools, and a hospital, are planned. The 300-foot-wide gateway leads visitors to every part of the project property. The construction work of Qurtaba City’s Zone 1 is nearly complete. Each piece of the project includes its mosque, but the Jamia Mosque in Phase 1 has been meticulously planned. The mosque is large enough to accommodate a significant number of Muslims attending prayers.

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  • There are over 7000 Kanals in total.
  • RDA-approved, with all NOCs required
  • Plots of 138, 272, and 500 square yards are available.
  • 300 ft. long The main thoroughfare
  • On 200 Kanals, the Central Jamia Mosque is located.
  • On 872 Kanals, Qurtaba International University is located
  • Over 500 Kanals have been set aside for parks, lakes, and recreational purposes.
  • Space has been set aside for six-star hotels, offices, and riverside developments.
  • Housing Block Road Divisions are 100 to 200 feet wide.
  • Seventy Kanals have been set aside for a Women-Only Commercial Zone.
  • Safari Parks, Zoos, Theme Parks, Miniature Trains, Gift Shops, and other attractions have their designated areas.
  • Trade & Business Centers are housed in large, centrally placed spaces.
  • Electricity Wiring Underground
  • City Limits Wall
  • Along the roads, there are green belts & street lights.
  • Special Events/Occasions Community Club
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Hospitals with cutting-edge technology
  • Servicing and coordinated security arrangements are available 24 hours a day,
  • Plants for Sewage Treatment
  • Systems for Solid Waste Management and Disposal


Commercial block

Qurtaba City is a fully self-contained municipality. Homeowners of this community have access to all of the essential amenities and services available in the area. There will be marketplaces at the national and sectoral levels. Around the institution, a massive shopping mall and multi-story marketplaces are planned. These gigantic and well-equipped marketplaces will serve the city’s population and provide fantastic economic prospects.

Residential Block

Qurtaba City’s residential sector is well designed, and the architecture is a work of art. Every neighborhood has its mosques, school, park, and marketplace. A minimum of 40-foot-wide streets is given in addition to 300-foot, 200-foot, and 100-foot-wide interblock roads. The community’s underground energy system, footpaths, street lights, and green belts make it a one-of-a-kind piece of civic architecture. With plot sizes of 500, 272, and 138 square yards, it will appeal to people from all walks of life. Qurtaba City is a venture that aspires to realize everyone’s desire of owning a home, whether they are wealthy or not. This gleaming metropolis, designed with modern lines, is a picture of your aspirations and thoughts.


Qurtaba City has cutting-edge facilities with outstanding design and architecture. Qurtaba City is provided with all essential and luxurious services in every area, such as schools, parks, hospitals, and markets, making it both pleasant and trustworthy for its residents. The land’s tranquility, brilliance, and elegance make it a perfect residential community for investment and living. It is a place wherein your desire to live a quiet life comes true, providing the ideal setting for your family.

Universities and Colleges:

The impact of education on a person’s character is essential. The lodge society’s founders maintain a high-quality school system of educational institutions that deliver the highest education possible. The housing association’s schools and universities save commuting times, save fuel, and save time.


Having a medical office nearby to one’s house is essential. QC recognizes reality and ensures continuous affluence for its residents by supplying a fantastic hospital and clinic facility with the most up-to-date & advanced advancements and equipment, which are cares for and functioned by experienced experts and qualified staff to ensure that residents end up receiving complete care.

Water treatment plant:

A high-end lifestyle needs high-end living quarters. As a result, the designers and organizers have centralized the purest source of water supply via the housing society’s water purification plant’s water treatment process.

Shopping malls:

Thanks to its unlimited retail possibilities, the neighborhood will emerge to be among the region’s key economic centers. The individual movement has been built into the ace layout of this outstanding society, which contains cutting-edge quality and smart commercial roadways in all social sectors.

The modern way of life:

The venture’s architecture is based on universal techniques for advancing to ultra-modern advancements and advancements. They also represent a modern way of life that has been meticulously crafted for the best results. The materials have a refined appearance, and the property meets international standards.


The project’s designers intended to ensure that residents can live securely while maintaining a close and healthy relationship with nature. As a result, they constructed open leisure places. Families with children will have a pleasant time and enjoy life at these parks. These parks are designed to improve health, foster social connections, and protect the environment.


To ensure ultimate progress, the roadways established materials, and the designer constructed a new, one-of-a-kind framework with more talent and cutting-edge technologies. This is planned to be attained by recognizing the designers and architects who worked tirelessly to build a sophisticated residential neighborhood all through the construction and design process.


This housing adventure is located in a safe neighborhood with the most up-to-date security features. It is based on a boundary that successfully prevents unwelcomed entry into society. The entire thing is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and security personnel who are fully prepared to handle any incident or mishap that may occur. These guardians are positioned throughout the residence to maintain society’s harmony. To monitor all activities and establish a secure living environment, a system of CCTV cameras has been installed throughout the region.

Non-Stop Power Supply:

To prepare for future power failures, Qurtaba City has made sure that inhabitants of this private project are not inconvenienced in any way; standby power sources have been constructed locally to assure a smooth and steady power supply. As a consequence, the extension creates a zone that is entirely load-shedding free.

Electrical Wires in the Ground:

Designers have secured society’s beauty by supplying needed utilities such as underground power lines. As a result, the community is safe and delightful, even though the current lodging society projects a huge and unappealing image of old-fashioned lofts and swinging cables overhead.


Gas is yet another essential necessity that every family demands. The community has installed a gas system in the residents’ homes, allowing them to enjoy a luxurious existence with all of the amenities and pleasures.

Community Center:

The organization presents itself as a fantastic community club for people to assemble at events & socialize, which could be a beneficial action. It will allow citizens to get to know one another, create ties, and build into a family that can help each other in moments of need.

International University of Qurtaba:

Qurtaba, a medieval Spanish city, was proud of its understanding of Islam and modern sciences. Qurtaba City, inspired by it, has a contemporary and well-equipped International University located in the heart of the community, which spans 872 Kanals (365,000 sq. meters.) The university structure itself would be a work of art and innovation that would go on to become a national hub for religious & modern studies. Specific topic departments, including Islamic Studies, Sociology, Medicine, and Engineering, will be housed in the blocks. Qurtaba University aspires to usher in a new generation of intellectual and professional Pakistanis. Students from all around Pakistan and other nations and faiths will be happy to be a component of this university.


Madinatul-Ilm has developed a well-integrated network of mosques to meet the sacred purposes of bringing forth and showing the basics of Islamic unity and consideration to promote religious education. The major Jamiah Mosque Qurtaba, which spans 190 Kanals (80,000 square meters) and is inspired by its historical counterpart, is richly designed and remarkably well organized, resulting in art and architecture. The beautiful green gardens surrounding the mosque, which is surrounded by the picturesque hills of Potohar, add to the magnificence.

Payment Plans

Residential and business plots are offered in Qurtaba City at reasonable prices. Residential properties are provided in Qurtaba city in sizes of 138, 272, and 500 square yards. You can reserve your plot by making a deposit and then paying the remaining balance over time.

Residential Plot in Qurtaba City

Residential Plot in Qurtaba City payment plan

Plot Size: 500 sq. yd.

  • Plot Price: 3,600,000
  • Down Payment: 900,000
  • 36 Monthly Installments: 75,000

Plot Size: 272 sq. yd.

  • Plot Price: 1,950,000
  • Down Payment: 500,000
  • 36 40,200 in monthly instalments

Plot Size: 138 sq. yd.

  • Plot Price: 990,000
  • Down Payment: 250,000
  • 36 Monthly Installments: 20,500

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Status of Development

On the site, construction work continued. A total of 15 residences are now under construction, with documentation for building in the results. Block C and Block D are currently undergoing rapid development. In the meantime, a small gate near the highway, main entrance, and commercial plazas have been completed.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Qurtaba City?

QURTABA City is designed so that it allows its residents to seize and visualize their aspirations. Qurtaba City, with all of its modern amenities, is not only the answer to all of your ambitions but also a work of art in terms of exquisite design and architecture. All amenities, including mosques, schools, playgrounds, and markets, are easily accessible to inhabitants. The facility becomes unrivaled with inter-block highways ranging in width from 300ft to 200ft to 100ft, and housing streets not below 40ft, underground electricity, sidewalks, and green belts. This city was created to serve people from all walks of life, and it aspires to satisfy everyone’s desire of owning a home, whether they are wealthy or not.

There are numerous reasons why you must invest in this famous society; we’ll list a few below:

A Philosophical Society:

The movement of themed residential units is currently in the market; individuals are searching for a philosophy and a society of like-minded people who can meet all of their demands, and initiatives like give just that.

Riverside Development:

The potential riverside development along the banks of the rivers Sill and Sawan will not only add worth to the overall project. Still, it will also provide excellent commercial prospects for the working people at low prices.

Women’s Shopping Area:

A 70-Kanal shopping area has been designated exclusively for women, allowing them to shop for their favorite things without any problems or obstacles.

Range of Plot Sizes:

The society offers a comprehensive option of plot sizes in both residential & commercial zones, allowing potential clients to select from a massive selection of plots.

Affordable Prices:

It is one of the cheapest housing societies in the region, and even persons with poor or limited earnings can invest and expect a high yield on their investment.

Wide Entries:

The main entry complex is 300 feet wide, with a 100-foot wide private drive for convenient access from highway streets at least 40 feet wide.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Excellent location
  • The Total Amount of Land Acquired
  • All permissions have been given.
  • The access road is exceedingly well designed and is 100 feet wide.
  • It is located near the Islamabad Airport on the main Chakri junction.
  • Simple Payment Plan
  • Work is still in progress.
  • Exceptional return on investment


  • Slow-moving development
  • The main gate is still under construction.
  • Commercial activity is low.
  • There is a lot of undeveloped lands.


Qurtaba City Islamabad results from a search for a calm and pious atmosphere in which to raise children. The project was designed by Qurtaba City Developers, who took inspiration from the historic city of Qurtaba. Their main goal is to build an Islamic structure that promotes religious learning and heritage in Pakistan. The ancient city of Qurtaba is currently known as Cordoba and is located in Spain. The city, which Muslims ruled, established the foundations of contemporary science in the seventh century. Qurtaba City established numerous medical institutions and universities to develop scientists, architects, doctors, and intellectuals in light of history.

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Q 1: Who owns the city of Qurtaba?

Answer: Madinatul-Ilm is the name of the company that owns this famous housing community.

Q 2: Where can I find it?

Answer: It is located on the Chakri Interchange on the Islamabad-Potohar Valley Highway, about 25 minutes outside the Islamabad International Airport.

Q3- What is Qurtaba City’s NOC status?

Answer: The NOC for this project has been approved under the registration number NOC/TMO/105.

Q 4- What are the advantages of investing in Qurtaba City?

Answer: Qurtaba City is a master-planned residential development based on Islamic ideals and ideas. Natural beautiful vistas are included in the house project and all of the necessary and comfortable facilities.

Q5- What are the different types of plots offered in Qurtaba City?

Answer: Qurtaba City has a wide range of home and business plots available. There are three sizes available: 138, 272, and 500 square yards.

Q6- What distinguishes Qurtaba City from several other residential communities in the area?

Answer: The community is preferable to the others because of its fantastic location near Islamabad and Technol. Because of its proximity to the highway provides inhabitants with a unique level of travel flexibility, allowing them to drive wherever they want.

Q7- Does society supply basic life necessities?

Answer: Yes, it offers you all of life’s necessities.

Q8- How can I get a copy of the registration form?

Answer: You can pick up the form in person or download it from the office.

Q9- Does the city of Qurtaba have a UBL account?

Answer: Yes, it has a UBL account.

Q10- How much does a five-marla plot cost?

Answer: Take a look at the payment schedule provided above.

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