PM Imran accepts the proposed LG law for Islamabad

PM Imran accepts the proposed LG law for Islamabad

PM Imran Khan accepts the proposed LG law for Islamabad, which would allow the mayor of Islamabad to elect directly.  The number of union councils will also be increased from 50 to 100 under the new LG law. According to reports, the prime minister studied and approved the draught LG Act during a meeting. This LG law is imposed from now for Islamabad.

All three MNAs from Islamabad – Planning Minister Asad Umar, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on CDA Affairs Ali Nawaz Awan, Raja Khurram Nawaz – and CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed – were present at the meeting.

The Act will be presented to the federal cabinet on Tuesday (today).Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stated that local government elections in Islamabad should be held as soon as feasible. They also stated that the elections would be held on a party-by-party basis.

The Supreme Court ordered the last local government elections in Islamabad in November 2015 after the federal government used delaying tactics. Local government elections in the capital should be held as soon as feasible, according to him.

In March 2016, elected the PML-mayor N’s and deputy mayor following the local government elections. However, the local administration, which the PML-N governs, was unable to deliver since the federal government did not pay enough attention. When the Pakistan People’s Party (PTI) came to power, it, too, refused to transfer any funds to the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI). As a result, in February of this coming year, the local government’s five-year term ended without any development activities. Even elected officials were not compensated for their services. Prime Minister Khan requested that the LG be granted full authority under the new system to settle public issues.

DURING THE DISCUSSION, the PM also emphasized the necessity for a unified mechanism to regulate buildings in the federal capital. In addition, he told the CDA to employ cutting-edge technology like drone cameras to keep an eye on encroachments. In Islamabad, the prime minister also ordered more great tree planting.

The CDA chairman briefed the prime minister on recent anti-encroachment operations and E-11 issues. Recently, this section experienced urban floods, which claimed the lives of a woman and her kid.

The prime minister was informed that Gen Ayub Khan’s then-president had exempted E-11 from the land acquisition in 1968, leaving the area neglected because the civic agency had never applied its ordinances there.

They advised the prime minister that cancellation of Ayub Khan’s order was necessary so that the CDA could enforce its regulations in the area and provide municipal amenities to residents.

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