Dream Valley plot for sale details for investors

Dream Valley plot for sale details for investors

Dream Valley is one of the biggest and most cherished housing societies, therefore, all Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale bear distinctive facets. That is precisely why the venture is extremely popular among the stakeholders, investors, and just the general masses.

Anyhow, we will be looking at the Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale which are creating a great deal of hype, and rightly so. Well, all basic and even advanced life facilities are being provided which truly hints at the luxurious lifestyle. Everybody wants luxury and comfort, well, it can be expensive at times but well, that is exactly where Dream Valley stands apart. The entire payment plan is just seamless and incredible. Let’s shed some needed light on it to know to know about all the sale details of the society.

Dream Valley Investment

Dream Valley Housing Scheme is the finest and most impeccable investment choice. In addition, it is important to know the details of a venture and investment data, so there is not a miniscule of doubt, uncertainty, or even inconvenience. Dream Valley Investment prospect is something that the real estate investors of Islamabad cannot ignore.

So, we are here to walk you through all the details of Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale. Furthermore, before we go ahead – it is also important to note that Dream Valley as a society is a giant one which means that there is major diversity. A gamut of options for the investors to choose from, so they are in a better position to make a choice. That too as per their financial feasibilities.

Dream Valley Master Plan

Since we mentioned the aspect of diversity which is one of the best dream valley features of the society. Well, the master plan explains the very same phenomenon. Apart from the exceedingly high-end facets, eco-friendly environment, and impeccable scenery – here are the offered plots.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G

Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale

Here are the available Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale, hinting at the fact that it is a very opportunity. So, the wise thing will be to make a timely decision for a brighter and more lucrative future.


The developers of Dream Valley Housing Scheme are offering these plots for sale in the residential zone.

  • 5 Marla cost is 3,400,000 along with 200,000 as the booking price. In addition, the monthly installment is just 28,000.
  • Moreover, 10 Marla as the available among Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale will cost 5,950,000. For the down payment – it is 592,500 along with 49,000 as the monthly installment.
  • For 1 Kanal in the residential sector of Dream Valley, the total price is 10,200,000 along with 600,000 as the booking price. Moreover, the monthly installment is just 85,000.

Commercial Sector

Now, we will talk about the farmhouses among the Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale, which truly are creating mega ripple effects. The society and the investors are offered 2 & 4 Kanal for the time being. In the coming future, the plot sizes may vary even more, so stay tuned. Anyhow, here we go;

  • For 2 Kanal, the total price is just 15,300,000 along with 900,000 as the booking price. Moreover, the monthly installment is only 127,500.
  • 4 Kanal costs 25,500,000 in total. However, the booking price is just 1,500,000 along with 212,500 for the monthly installment.

Feasible & Easy Payment Plan

Well, these were the prices and the available Dream Valley Housing Scheme payment plan that is currently available. In addition, since society is at the launching stage, there will be even more plot sizes in the near future. From this factor, a whole lot of things can be determined.

Dream Valley is a thriving society which means that the developers are making all the effort to stay ahead of the game, give solid competition to the rest of societies, and just be simply impeccable. The investors from the market, stakeholders, and everyone in general are taking a whole lot of interest. So, be smart and put your money in these Dream Valley Islamabad plots for sale.

Booking Procedure

The booking procedure to book a plot in society is way easier and more seamless than anything. All the investors can do their prior research and book their plots with great ease. These are the required documents;

  • 2 passport-size personal photographs
  • 1 ID Card copy
  • Down Payment
  • For overseas investors, an overseas national ID is also required

Well, get in touch with any acknowledged and authorized real estate firm now and book your plot in Dream Valley Housing Scheme.


Dream Valley is a promising and high-end venture which means that there are endless possibilities and opportunities for all kinds of investors. So, make the best use of it and brighten your future. Anyhow, Estate Land Marketing, one of the best advertising firms is here to provide you best services.

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