Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan 2023

Park View City is one of the upcoming legal stunning housing project that aims to transform the landscape. Moreover, It is locatable at the heart of Islamabad, which highly indicates its significance in such important sector. This housing project is so huge that it would cater to all kind of residential and commercial prospects. This housing project got the legal approval from capital development authority within few days. One of the best part about this project is its affordable payment plan with exotic location. The owners of such outclass housing project have plans to completely change the real estate business of Islamabad. They plan to make it possible through Park View City Payment Plan.

Owners and Developers

The developers and owners behind such outclass housing project are Vision Group, a real estate entity of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan. He is a famous businessperson who is popular for his perfect delivery of projects in various fields. He has hired talented designer, who have designed the modern architecture of this project by using best technological methods.  His business venture became on of the huge ventures within a decade, and it has a best status.  Due to its reputation, many of the real estate investors are now devoting their money into this project. Park View City Owners have prepared park view city payment plan, as per the desires of their investors.

Location and Map

Any housing project with good location has potential to grab chucks of real estate investment from various investors. A good location is something that highlights the importance of the place, where that project is being constructed. As per the latest map, this housing project is locatable in Zone IV Malot Road. The entire place is all around near green hills of Bani Gala. The best part of this location is that it is next to Bahria Enclave, and 15 minutes  from Serena Hotel Islamabad. One can easily reach here through Simly Road, and Zero Point, which are not less than 20 minutes away from here. Park View City Payment Plan is completely somehow dependent on the aspects of ;ocation of Park View City Blocks.


Park View City Islamabad location on the map is located at Zone IV Malot road near serene green Bani Gala Hills. Some of its main drive way points are following

  • Around 3 min drive away from Simly Road
  • More than 15 min drive away from Kiani Road
  • Around half an hour drive away from main Zero Point
  • Almost 40 min drive away from Kahuta Road


Overall, the size of the location of this project ranges around 7000 Kanal land with numerous residential and commercial sectors. This housing project holds huge importance among real estate investors in Islamabad. One can come to this place through Malott Road while passing by Kurri Road. The main entrance towards this housing project is on side of Rawal Chowk, while the other gate is at Bahara Kahu’s side.

Payment Plan

Park View Islamabad would be located in one of the important places, so it is believed that the worth of the plots here would be more. This housing project would be constructed to cater to all types of Housing needs. Park View City payment plan makes the purchase of the plots in this project very easy. The membership fee from houses up to 10 Marla would begin from PKR 15000. Some payment for plots more than 1 Kanal would be reserves for around two years installment. Even, the overseas Pakistanis have a wonderful opportunity to invest their capital here in return for better profits. Prices of the plots would begin from PKR eight lacs to PKR 15 lacs.


The overall infrastructure of this housing project would be bewildering, and it would become an important project after its successful execution. The entire housing project would be one of the most brilliant real estate projects in Islamabad that nobody witnessed before. Park View City is a project that is worthy of investment, as it intends to provide state of the art housing facilities to its inhabitants. Park View City Payment Plan facilitates investors to acquire  modern living infrastructure. The development of this project might be the first of its sort in real estate business of twin cities. It comes with huge technological advancements, alongside educational and health facilities of global standard. If you plan to know more about the payment plan of this project, then visit the website of Estate Land Marketing for details. Our real estate portal is filled with all the real estate details.

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