Dream Valley Housing Scheme Payment Plan complete details

Dream Valley Housing Scheme Payment Plan complete details

The entire dream valley housing scheme payment plan is exceedingly at par. Now, while investing, one may venture out to see the available opportunities. One that is viable and feasible in every sense of the word. Whether it is about the affordable payment plan, finest master plan, ideal location, or the providence of all kinds of basic and advanced services – the investment shall provide all. In addition, it is pertinent for the progress of the market in general.

Well, Dream Valley is yet another giant name when it comes to the top housing societies in Pakistan. With the impeccable conception, the developers have surely upgraded the very bar of living standards. Well, everything related to the investment is simply next to perfection. And the payment plan of all the available plots are surely attracting a whole gamut of investors.

Benefits of affordable payment plan

Since we will be taking the readers through Dream Valley Housing Scheme payment plan details, it is important to clear the basics. Well, to dream of your ideal property, one may expect it to be exorbitant. It is so because luxury can be expensive at times. If not, then surely for some social classes.

The ideal luxury is when people of all social classes are able to dream, execute and afford it. There are many benefits of a fine and affordable payment plan and Dream Valley Housing Scheme payment plan is all about the sheer benefits. People from all backgrounds can come, choose and live in their dream property.


Another phenomenon that attracts investors is the utter diversity that the developers of the society have to offer. The gamut and range in the offered plot sizes and in multiple parts within the society speak of how the investors will get a perfect, luxurious, and comfortable lifestyle. And that too at the most affordable rates.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme payment plan

Now, that we are past talking about the payment, let’s have a look at the Dream Valley investment. One that stands tall for affordability, seamlessness, and feasibility. A precise reason why the hype around the town is just increasing. Anyhow, here are the offered property types.

Dream Valley Residential

Here are the offered plots in the residential sector.

  • 25^50 – costs 200,000 as the booking price along with 33,333 as the monthly installment. The total price, is just 4,000,000.
  • 35^70 – price is 350,000 as the booking price. Moreover, for the monthly installment, it is 58,333. The total cost, however, is only 7,000,000.
  • For 50^90 – costs 600,000 for the booking price along with 100,000. In addition, the total price is just 12,000,0000.

The installment plan will be spread over 3 years in specific.


For the time being, the developers of Dream Valley are only offering residential and farmhouses. However, the investors are waiting for more property types to be unveiled. Anyhow, do not miss out on the golden opportunity for the dream valley plots for sale in the residential and farmhouses.

Here is the dream valley housing scheme payment plan for the farmhouses.

  • 90^100 total cost is just 18,000,000 along with 900,000 as the booking price. Moreover, for the monthly installment, it is going to be 150,000.
  • In addition, for 100^180 – the price is going to be 30,000,000. In addition, the booking price is just 1,500,000 while the monthly installment is going to be 250,000.

Not to forget that there are going to be 36 installments in total.

Booking Procedure

It is only wise if all the potential investors get to choose their ideal property right away with it. So, before it runs out, do connect immediately and secure your future. As we have mentioned the incredibly feasible dream valley housing scheme payment plan, here is the booking procedure.

  • Get in touch with any reliable, authentic, and experienced real estate firm and book your plot.
  • Submit 2 hard copies of CNIC
  • 2 personal pictures (passport size)

furthermore, the sum is non-refundable.


Well, as we have gone through all the information about the dream valley housing scheme payment plan, we will advise you to double-check. It is important to be safe before putting in your hard-earned and the need to be fully aware is also pertinent. Anyhow, Estate Land Marketing is always here for all kinds of needs.

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