How can overseas book a plot in Dream Valley Housing Scheme Islamabad?

How can overseas book a plot in Dream Valley Housing Scheme Islamabad?


Booking a plot in the dream valley housing scheme in Islamabad is as easy as one can imagine. They are making the whole housing project promising, splendid, and exceedingly seamless. Looking at the entire venture overall, we will specifically walk the viewers through how investors can book a plot in Dream Valley housing, especially the overseas community. Also, dream valley plots for sale are available in this blog.

Before going ahead, mentioning some factors that need to be ticked for a project or a housing venture to succeed is essential. The Dream Valley housing scheme has provided these and much more, whether it is the location, exceptionally dreamy surroundings, all the basic and advanced facilities providence, and most importantly, an insanely affordable payment plan.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme

The new housing venture, Dream Valley, is getting a lot of hype and attention, which is deserving and apt. Moreover, dream valley plots for sale are made overseas to create a sustainable asset. Also, Dream Valley Noc will be available soon. It is so because every department of society is simply living up to the hype of the investors and the general public.

The project is under the impressive, skilled, and exceptionally experienced management and ownership of M/S canyon enterprises (Pvt.) Limited. The name alone stands for authenticity, transparency, and just utter trust.

How can Overseas Block book a plot in the Dream Valley housing scheme?

Now, returning to the discourse’s main topic, how can an overseas community in a specific book have a plot in society? There are several dream valley plots for sale. Well, culture is at the initial stages, and all the local and overseas community booking procedures are still made easier. Here you can do it.

Documents required for booking

The documents required for booking a plot in the dream valley housing scheme.

  • Two passport pictures
  • Two CNIC copies are also required
  • Next to kin copies

Since we are talking the overseas investors, another document that is also mandatory along with them is;

  • NICOP copy requirement

Booking procedure

Moreover, since we know the required documents, here is the booking procedure the overseas community can opt for.

  • While booking it online, they need to fill out a booking form on the official website or connect online with any accredited real estate firm.
  • The needed paperwork and credentials are also required upon booking. So, one needs to provide them.
  • Then comes the booking price that is set for the chosen property. So, complete all the required payments.
  • Lastly, receive the receipt and the approval of the booking. Your file will reach you in a few days.

Local and overseas investors can choose any preferred property and book it, as there are several dream valley plots for sale available. Now, the Dream Valley housing scheme is offering residential and farmhouses for now. The owners will expand and provide time by launching further property sizes. Anyhow, the overseas and local community can look at the payment plan.

Dream Valley Payment Plan

Here is the Dream Valley payment plan that is affordable and feasible. Furthermore, the owners are keeping all the social and financial classes of the masses in mind. The luxury and splendid infrastructure are useless if not within financial reach. Well, it will be hustle-less if you decide on the Dream Valley housing scheme.


The residential payment plan is as follows. The offered plot sizes are 5 and 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

  • For 5 Marla, the total cost is 4,000,000, and 400,000 is the down payment. For the monthly installment, the investors will have to pay 75,000.
  • 10 Marla price, however, is 7,000,000, along with 700,000 as the down payment. The monthly installment is just 132,000.
  • Lastly, the total cost for 1 Kanal plot possession is only 12,000,000, and 1,200,000 as the down payment. For the monthly installment, it is 225,000.
  • Not to forget that the installment period is 36 months in total.

Farm Houses

Among several dream valley plots for sale, the society is now offering 2 and 4 Kanal for the farmhouses.

  • For 2 Kanal, the total cost is just 15,300,000, and 900,000 is the booking price. In addition, the investors will be paying 1,105,000 for the yearly installment.
  • For 4 Kanal respectively, the price is 25,500,000 along with 1,500,000 as the booking price. At the same time, the yearly installment will be just 1,925,000.

These installments are spread over four years. Since the installments are yearly, the investors will give installments four times.


We walked through the entire discourse of how overseas can book a plot in the Dream Valley housing scheme. And we learned that there are several dream valley plots for sale. A project which is of great worth and gives a bright, lucrative, and impeccable future to the investors. Get the opportunity before it runs out. Anyhow, connect with the experience of Estate Land Marketing to know all the upcoming, novel, and even trendy updates.

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