CDA will build an underpass close to Serendipity Chowk

CDA will build an underpass close to Serendipity Chowk

Islamabad: According to a news source on February 22, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has agreed to widen Srinagar Highway close to Serena Chowk and build a single-barrel underpass.

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According to the specifics, a consultant will create a feasibility study and design for widening Srinagar Highway, beginning at the 7th Avenue Interchange and ending at Serena Chowk. It was discovered that the underpass is being built to ensure efficient traffic movement.

According to reports, the CDA has given the go-ahead for the consultant to be hired in order to carry out a feasibility study for the Sector I-11 National Bus Terminal. The authority intends to finish building six parking plazas by June to provide contemporary parking facilities in the city’s major commercial areas, according to the news source. Each parking lot would have a shopping centre, a movie theatre, and a food court, it was revealed. The parking plaza will have 5 to 8 storeys of parking space.

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