Citi Housing Kharian Launched Mayfair Overseas Block

Citi Housing Kharian Launched Mayfair Overseas Block


Mayfair Overseas Block is the latest addition to the community, with 80 Kanals space on Main GT Road for the sports complex. Moreover, the developers are also making sure it is the best possible investment for all overseas investors. And the idea is to facilitate them with outstanding value for money. Furthermore, investors will have the ideal lifestyle and living standards for all, which is why even overseas investors are looking for this as an excellent residential investment. But, most importantly, the site is the best aspect that all investors look for in making a long-term investment, and the area makes it a more valuable and worthy asset. Moreover, the blog will cover all the relevant available details. So, let’s explore all the information.

Owners & Developers

Citi housing Developers are building this magnificent and outstanding housing project. And the plan is to deliver the best quality deliverables to all the investors with the best value for money. Moreover, they have shown the ideal living spaces to all investors. And we have seen their projects which also give us an idea of their quality of work, like Citi Housing Multan, Sialkot, Faislabad, Gujranwala, and Jhelum. Moreover, the developers now have the Mayfair Overseas Block officially launched for all overseas investors.

Noc Status

Legality is what all investors of Citi Housing Kharian want to make a long-term investment. Moreover, the housing venture will soon receive its rightful status to ease this matter. Furthermore, the concerned department will quickly help the investors and developers make it the most trustworthy and long-term investment rates. And the best aspect is that after the legal status, the worth will also increase; therefore, the right to make it an asset for yourself is now.


Citi Housing Kharian is a venture investor looking to make it a long-term residential investment. Moreover, the site is at the Main GT Road Kharian, offering all the ideal ways of living. Furthermore, we know that the site will soon be booming because of the exceptional housing ventures growing in the community, like the New Metro City Kharian. And the Mayfair Overseas Block is the addition that will enhance the value of the living space in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, the investment here will increase the

Mayfair Overseas Block

The Mayfair Overseas Block will have all the facilities one can ask for a long-term investment. Moreover, developers have officially made it a reliable real estate investment for all investors. Furthermore, the block will offer world-class facilities that meet the highest living standards in a single gated community. Most importantly, the lucrative facilities will provide overseas investors with the best way of living and high-standards goals.

The block will include a golf course, Table tennis, Badminton, Foot Ball, Basket Ball and Swimming Pool available to help get the ideal way of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the investors will enjoy the facilities of life in a gated community. Furthermore, entertainment facilities will be available for everyone to help build and attain an ideal and dream lifestyle. Most importantly, the Mayfair Overseas Block will be ideal for all investors looking for an exquisite residential investment.

Plots Available

Plots available here are of varying sizes, making them a suitable investment. Moreover, the housing venture has numerous residences with all lucrative facilities like the essentials and high-end standards. All these facilities will offer the best value for money and the ideal living space. Furthermore, the investors and the developers are building high-quality infrastructure that will enhance the way of living to another level. Lastly, the properties available here will be:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Payment Plan

The prices plan available here will have the best facilities for all investors at high affordability rates. Moreover, the developers are bringing the most affordable way of advanced living here, like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, the instalment rates will also enhance the investment rates in the housing venture. And the payment ease to time is another privilege all investors will have after buying any property here. Lastly, details of the prices are here with the best value for money; let’s check it out.

Mayfair Overseas Block Payment Plan


The Mayfair Overseas Block is the block that will have the ideal way of living for all investors not only from the country but also globally. Moreover, the developers never disappoint the investors by making a perfect living here. Furthermore, the developers are also trying to grab the interest of overseas clients. And the best aspect is that the prices available here will be in the country’s overseas assets range. Most importantly, the investors will access more advanced facilities and lucrative features.

Moreover, providing basics and high-end commodities will make the lives of residents more reliable and peaceful. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will let everyone know about the other development going on in the community. So, stay in touch with them.

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