Mahmood evaluates the development of city revitalization projects

Mahmood evaluates the development of city revitalization projects

Mahmood Khan, the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cities Improvement Project (KPCIP) is an important plan that, when finished, will change the whole look of the divisional headquarters.

He said that the provincial government believed in using public resources in a fair and efficient way, and that the KPCIP would be a big step toward giving people better public and recreational spaces.

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This was said by the chief minister at a meeting in the provincial capital to talk about how the KPCIP was going.

An official statement released here on Sunday said that the Rs97 billion project was started to improve five divisional headquarters with things like drinking water, green spaces, and other amenities.

The participants were told that projects to build recreation parks and a sewage treatment plant in the districts of Kohat, Mardan, Mingora, and Peshawar, with a total cost of Rs9 billion, were ready to be put into action.

The statement said that agreements worth Rs7.5 billion had been signed for water supply systems in Kohat and Peshawar, a sewage treatment plant in Mardan worth Rs8.3 billion, and water supply network projects in Mingora worth Rs20 billion.

When he spoke at the meeting, the chief minister said that KPCIP was one of his government’s “mega projects,” and he stressed that all of the related projects had to be done by the deadline.

He told people to hurry up and buy construction equipment, and he said that the projects would get started as soon as the equipment was ready.

The chief minister said that development plans were made with the needs of different divisional headquarters in mind so that people could get basic services.

At the meeting were the chief secretary Shehzad Bangash, the additional chief secretary Shahab Ali Shah, the administrative secretaries of the departments involved, the KPCIP project director, and other important people.

Mahmood Khan also started a lot of different projects, like fixing the water supply system, building a new water treatment plant, and fixing up the old bazaar in the city of Abbottabad.

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