Murtaza promises quick bridge repairs and flyover building

Murtaza promises quick bridge repairs and flyover building

News sources said that Karachi’s mayor, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, said on Sunday, August 14, that the Jam Sadiq Bridge and Korangi Flyover project would be fixed quickly. He said that work on the project will begin soon, and that it should be done by November 2023.

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Wahab says that PKR 5.5 billion has been set aside by the provincial government for the Korangi River flyover in industrial areas, which will help reduce traffic congestion. The Jam Sadiq Bridge will be done this year as well. He also said that the provincial government has set aside PKR 2.5 billion to fix roads all over the city that have been damaged by the monsoon rains.

The Sindh government has also approved a number of projects to make the city better, such as building 14,000 roads in the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI). He said that all plans are meant to boost the city’s trade potential and put growth first.

Wahab recently opened a project to build a road from the Central District to the East District. It is said that the project will be 5.5 kilometres long and will cost PKR 450 million to finish.

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