Punjab minister orders early road project completion

Punjab minister orders early road project completion

Lahore: According to news reports on September 12, Punjab Minister of Communications and Works Chaudhry Ali Afzal Sahi has instructed all responsible ministries to finish road infrastructure development projects in the province as quickly as possible.

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Reports state that the government informed all pertinent agencies to set a deadline for all current and future development projects to be finished on time at a meeting presided over by the minister. The government will examine the projects in this regard, and the contractors will be held accountable for any delays. If the projects are not finished on time, the minister further encouraged the authorities to seize any equipment and security deposits belonging to contractors. On this occasion, the minister gave local governments instructions to keep tabs on the initiatives’ progress and to report on it.

A number of road development projects costing billions of rupees have lately received approval from the Punjab government, it is important to note. A new system for grading and monitoring projects has also been devised by the government, including team inspections prior to the distribution of cash.

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