RDA allows peri-urban development in Gujar Khan and Kallar Syedan

RDA allows peri-urban development in Gujar Khan and Kallar Syedan

In order to protect green areas, the Rawalpindiment Authority (RDA) approved the peri-urban structure plan for the tehsils of Kallar Syedan and Gujar Khan on December 23.

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At the 61st meeting of RDA’s governing body, which was led by RDA Chairman Tariq Mahmood Murtaza, this decision was made. After the plan is approved, it will be sent to Deputy Commissioner Shoaib Ali so that the District Planning and Design Committee can talk about it (DPDC).

According to the details, the goal of the peri-urban structure plan is to figure out where in the tehsils to put factories, housing projects, schools, and businesses. Red lines will be drawn on the green areas where nothing will be built, as part of the plan.

Saif Anwar Jappa, the head of the RDA, said that the first step was for the authority to come up with a plan for Gujar Khan and Kallar Syedan. Once it is approved, a similar plan for Kahuta and Taxila will be made in the next month and shown at the next meeting. He went on to say that the DPDC will review the structure plan for Kallar Syedan and Gujar Khan, and a public hearing will be set up. After the problems have been fixed, the deputy commissioner will let everyone know which areas have been set aside as green spaces, commercial areas, industrial areas, and residential areas.

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