RDA should speed up anti-illegal housing initiatives

RDA should speed up anti-illegal housing initiatives

Rawalpindi: According to a September 12 news story in the national dailies, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has sped up its fight against illegal housing schemes in the city.

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RDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood Murtaza and Director General Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa have directed the authority to speed up the operation against the illegal housing projects. A spokesperson for the RDA, whose name was not given, said that the organisation had taken down 22 residential buildings that were still being built, nine billboards for four illegal housing schemes, and four site offices on Chak Beli Road.

The Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate RDA also said that the housing societies were not following the rules and layout plans that had been approved. The director said that the owners of these housing schemes had been building without No-Objection Certificates (NOCs) or approval of maps, which was against the RDA’s rules.

The director also said that the authority has already told the housing societies to stop advertising and building without permission. Before investing, the RDA has asked people to check the status of the housing schemes.

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