The approval of funds for development projects: CM Sindh

The approval of funds for development projects: CM Sindh

Karachi: According to news reports, Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah sanctioned PKR 22 billion on Monday, February 6, to finish up the province’s pending development projects.

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The money will be used to finish 243 development projects that were put on hold last year because of severe floods. The choice was taken during an executive session led by CM Murad. The creation of a Crowd Management Unit (CMU) and the expansion of the Rapid Response Force (RRF) to cover the entire province were also agreed during the meeting in order to improve security and counterterrorism measures in the region. The registration and other associated work on the 75 acres of land designated for the Hyderabad Press Club received the minister’s approval for PKR 1.1 million as well.

It is significant to note that one of the worst floods in the nation’s history wreaked havoc on Sindh. Government reports estimate that 34 million people have been internally displaced and that millions of homes have been destroyed. The government has begun the rehabilitation process in collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which involves building new road infrastructure and repairing flood-damaged homes.

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