Al Kareem City Lahore

Al Kareem City Lahore

Al Kareem City

Al Kareem City Lahore is an exceptional housing venture available for the residents of nearby areas of Lahore. Moreover, the developers are keen to make this living space the ideal and sustainable investment for everyone. Furthermore, the site and price range fascinate the investors and the residents to another level. Finally, and most importantly, facilities and features according to international town planning standards meet the sustainability goals. Moreover, the investors are here to make an ideal long-term residential investment. Lastly, the blog will cover all the details and luxuries available there.

Owners & Developers

Al-Kareem Developers are building this housing venture. Moreover, their primary concern is to meet the investors’ sustainability goals. Furthermore, the housing venture is one of their best deliverables to ensure quality living standards. And the best aspect of this will be the developer’s name, which all investors trust and have confidence in to make a sustainable investment. Therefore, making an ideal living here will be advisable for all the investors from the surroundings.

NOC Status

The housing society approves by the Housing and Physical Planning Department and LDA. Moreover, approval is necessary for all investors to make a responsible investment. Furthermore, this is the first and must-check document by all investors. And they are checking it before the buy is vital to mitigate any inconvenient situation. Moreover, the developers are pleased to help the investors make a reliable residential investment, and the NOC will help create a long-term investment. The registration/ reference number is DG/HSPP/TPS/83/517.

Location & Map

It is at the main Raiwing Road with the closeness to Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. Moreover, the residential scheme is close to several lavish housing ventures like Maryam Town, Kings Town Lahore, and Bahria Orchard Lahore. Furthermore, it is reachable from the Lahore Ring Road, Allama Iqbal International Airport, Raiwind City, and Superior University Lahore. Most importantly, it is adjacent to the central aspect of life like schools, colleges, hospitals and many more, increasing the worth of investment here. Lastly, to know the exact location of Al Kareem City Lahore, see its location map.

Al Kareem City location map

Payment Plans

The prices always range critically, effects the buying capacity of the investors. Moreover, the builders are checking these factors before making the payment schedule. Furthermore, the affordability will meet the Naya Pakistan Housing Project standards like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. And the instalment range divided into months will also be helpful for everyone. Lastly, the several prices plan of Al Kareem City Lahore are here:

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Overseas block prices are here to help the asset of our nation. Moreover, they can access all world-class and luxurious facilities at budget-friendly rates. Furthermore, prices will also have instalments to ease the payment rates. And the fees range will start from PKR 10,000,000/- to PKR 10,000,000/-. Lastly, the table below extensively explains other details.

overseas block payment plan

Usman Block Payment plan

The blocks have multiple living options for everyone, facilitating and giving numerous options to everyone. Moreover, there will also be an instalment option. And the prices will have an attractive range that fascinates most investors. Furthermore, the prices are from PKR 2,450,000/- to PKR 16,500,000/-. Lastly, details are in the table below:

Al Kareem City Usman Block prices

Umar Block Payment Plan

The housing venture will have plenty of options for all. Moreover, the prices range from PKR 2,450,000/- to PKR 3,850,000/-. Furthermore, the instalments rates and other details are here:

Umar Block Payment Plan

Broad Way Payment Plan

The Broadway will have 5 Marla Living spaces for everyone. Moreover, the price will be PKR 16,500,000/-. Furthermore, the instalment and other extensive data are here:

Al Kareem City Broadway Payment Plan

Commercial Block Payment Plan

The commercial rates are usually higher than the residential. Moreover, the developers are making it the best investment to make massive opportunities and gains. Furthermore, an instalment will help the business grow to another level, and the prices will be from PKR 1,925,000/- to PKR  4,400,000/-. Lastly, the details for more data are here:

Commercial Block Payment Plan

Al Kareem City Master Plan

The master is a state-of-the-art facility for all investors, with the best possible living standards as in Prime Valley Islamabad. Moreover, several blocks will be here, including numerous living spaces for everyone, making it an ideal investment for the nation and overseas investors. Furthermore, the properties available here will have exquisite features with the high-quality deliverable. And the only purpose is to offer the world’s best lifestyle to all the residents. Moreover, the blocks available there will have numerous living spaces fulfilling the residents living goals. Lastly, the specifics are Abu Bakar, Usman, Umar, Ali, and Overseas Blocks.

Al Kareem City Master Plan

Residential Plots

The housing project will have living spaces of numerous sizes and prices. Moreover, it will ease and help everyone to invest accordingly. Furthermore, the facilities will also meet the needs of all investors to another level. And the premium structure of properties and amenities here will be a blissful experience. Lastly, the living spaces here are:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Commercial spaces are necessary to start any business venture accordingly. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure the developers are making sure of will help massive gains. Furthermore, there will be price payment ease which will be another helpful factor in growing financially. Lastly, the commercial options will be these:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Overseas Block

An overseas living site is also an ideal option for everyone. Moreover, it will have the best living criteria for everyone. Furthermore, its budget-friendly prices also appreciate and motivate investors to start investing here. And the other living here will be the best and ideal overseas decision. Lastly, these are the living spaces available here:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Al Kareem City Development Status

The housing development rate is increasing daily, with the plan of offering the best living space to all at highly affordable rates. Moreover, the plot levelling and cutting are happening side by side. Furthermore, the plantation of various plants is also happening in the community to make it greener and cleaner. But, most importantly, the excellent quality of construction work will take some time to complete. Moreover, its legality and prime site is the main reason for the fast development work here. And the residents will soon have the good news about the entire construction work in the community. Lastly, Estate Land marketing will offer the relevant details of the construction development status of Al Kareem City Lahore.


Al Kareem City Lahore has several amenities to ensure a successful and sustainable lifestyle. And some of them are:

  • Premium Quality Infrastructure
  • Ideal Location
  • Wide Streets and Roads
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Shops and Marts
  • Gated Community
  • Mosque
  • Grave Yard
  • Parks
  • Community Center
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Commercial Areas


Al Kareem City Lahore has several facilities for everyone, including overseas investors. And the most valuable are here:

Environmental-Friendly Housing Project

It would be a unique home development that will enable the occupants to live a tranquil and calm life similar to that of Forest Town Islamabad. Additionally, the designers are creating the living areas in the most natural way feasible. Furthermore,  its serene surroundings will be pollution-free, providing essential living objectives. And the forestry drive will make this area a more responsible real estate investment while limiting the negative consequences of climate change.

Access to all Basics

The housing project will provide everyone with excellent living conditions. Moreover, their top priority, however, was to provide everyone with a long-term, perfect lifestyle. And for this reason, the developers are advertising it as a load-shedding-free area. Additionally, water plus gas will be accessible, improving the living circumstances for potential occupants. However, the investors will benefit most from the best leisure and long-term investment opportunities here.

Heath & Education Facilities

There’ll be educational institutions that will provide the best educational resources for the citizens and investors. Additionally, it will include medical facilities that will assist all investors and residents in minimising any medical problems. Finally, together all amenities will raise the standard of living.

Commercial Zone

The investors will be able to achieve financial stability by purchasing commercial properties. Additionally, the quality of the infrastructure will support the creation of a beautiful commercial zone. Moreover, the varied sizes will aid in the launch of any venture that will improve investors’ quality of life. Finally, various plot sizes will also assist in their ability to generate enormous profits.

Gated Community

The housing project will be a secured residential development that provides all potential inhabitants with a tranquil and secure way of life. Moreover, CCTV cameras will also record every activity in the neighbourhood. And security personnel will also make sure that everyone has the safest and most tranquil of their lives. Therefore, purchasing a parcel at Capital Orchards requires achieving a long-term, happy objective.

Pros & Cons

Several benefits are for residents living and investing in Al Kareem City Lahore. And some of them that are most valuable are as follows:


  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Ideal Location
  • Accessible Site
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Budget-friendly Housing Project
  • Health Clinics
  • Mosque
  • Grave Yard
  • Green Belts
  • Theme Parks
  • Gym
  • Community Center
  • Marts and Shops
  • Commercial Zone


  • Perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in Al Kareem City Lahore?

Due to plenty of reasons for making this housing venture a dream investment, investors are now looking at the best option. Moreover, the site is on the main road, enhancing and increasing this housing sector’s worth. Furthermore, the developers offer the most pocket-friendly prices for properties. And the best aspect is its facilitation for overseas investors; they will have world-class and luxurious amenities. Moreover, for all investors, living here can become a long-term asset and a blissful life experience. However, timely investment is mandatory because, after development and some time, the property’s rate will increase.


The housing venture in Lahore is increasing in popularity day by day. Moreover, it gives a high-class living experience to everyone. Furthermore, the developers have already received their NOC approval increasing the worth and investment rate from the investors. And this is also why all investors from overseas are likely to invest here. Moreover, several blocks and properties will facilitate and fulfil the living conditions of all residents.

Furthermore, the pocket-friendly property rates and ideal site is the ever-lasting asset for all investors. Therefore, a timely and perfect investment here will be advisable. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help you find a dream investment at budget-friendly rates, so get the best buy now.


Q1. What is Al Kareem City Lahore?

Al Kareem City Lahore is an exceptional housing venture available for the residents of nearby areas of Lahore.

Q2. Where is this magnificent housing venture location?

It is at the main Raiwing Road with the closeness to Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange.

Q3. Is it reachable from different sites?

The residential scheme is close to several lavish housing ventures like Maryam Town, Kings Town Lahore, and Bahria Orchard Lahore.

Q4. Who are the builders?

Al-Kareem Developers are building this housing venture.

Q5. What is the Noc status of Al Kareem City Lahore?

The housing society approves by the Housing and Physical Planning Department and LDA.

Q6. Is there a commercial Zone in this residential project?

Yes, there is a commercial zone in this housing project.

Q7. Is the payment available and affordable?

Yes, highly affordable rates are available.

Q8. From where to get the ideal investment here?

Estate Land Marketing will help you find a dream investment at budget-friendly rates, so get the best buy now.

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