Data about constructed low-cost housing projects is provided

Data about constructed low-cost housing projects is provided

News sources say that on Wednesday, August 17, the Ministry of Housing and Works in Islamabad released information about several low-cost housing projects.

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Under the federal low-cost housing project, the government has finished 3,564 low-cost housing units for the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) and 18,499 for the Akhuwat Foundation (AK). It was said that as many as 150,712 low-cost housing units were being built across the country as part of different housing projects that worked with provincial governments. Also, the government held voting for the number of units needed for the following projects:

In Zone-V, Islamabad, 1,508 low-cost WWF homes have been built. 4,000 in Lahore’s LDA City, 2,000 in Islamabad’s Farash Town, 839 in Raiwind, Sargodha, and Chiniot, and 300 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s PHA Jalozai and Nowshera (KP)
The low-cost housing project of the Akhuwat Foundation will get help from the federal government.

Also, the administration approved 9,563 applications for housing units that were being built across the country. The ministry also said that the case about sub-sector G-14/1 is still going on and that it will be dealt with when the Islamabad High Court (IHC) makes its decision.

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