CDA has begun development work in E-12 after a long delay

CDA has begun development work in E-12 after a long delay

CDA has begun development work in E-12 after a long delay. After a huge operation to get back state land, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) started building again in E-12 on Sunday.

The sector has been open since 1989, but development has been stuck for a long time. People are still waiting to get their built plots. Last year, the CDA gave out contracts for building roads, streets, drainage, sewers, and a water supply network in two sub-sectors of E-12. But because of opposition from local landlords, the CDA wasn’t able to finish development work in the one-year time frame that was set.

So far, only 11% of the work in sub sector 2 is done, and 17% of the work in sub sector 3 is done. But on Sunday, the CDA’s enforcement arm, with the help of police with magisterial cover, started a huge operation and were able to get the state land back.

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“Development work has begun again today. We were told to do the work in as little time as possible. In the meantime, the bidding process for work in sub-sector 4 is nearing its end, and we will soon begin development work there as well. “Later, we’ll do this in sub-sector 1,” a CDA engineer said. “We just got bids for sub-sector 4, and the lowest bidder will get work orders soon to start development work.”

An official says that a huge operation has been done to get back state land.

He said that CDA will continue to run and build things on Monday.

“The CDA’s management has told us to keep working on development without stopping, and the enforcement wing has been told to help us regularly,” he said.

A press release from the authority says that some people resisted and tried to stop the operation, but CDA and the police kept going with it anyway.

It’s important to note that over 4,000 people have been waiting to get their developed plots in E-12, but they have been hurt by a fight between the CDA and the villagers. The disagreement was about who should pay for land and buildings (BuP).

Last year, a commission put together by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) finally told the CDA to settle the problem with the villagers and pay them what they were owed, since the CDA had already been paid in 1989. But even though 33 years had passed, people were still waiting for their plots to be developed.

The CDA’s Land and Estate Wing gave 282 plots of land to local people in December and March. This was done through the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). But the CDA hasn’t sent out allotment letters yet, even though they have done the voting.

“The allotment letters should be sent out as soon as possible to gain the trust of the locals. “Also, the remaining claims of locals should be cleared up as soon as possible so that the whole sector can be taken over,” said a CDA official.

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